June 13, 2024

Offline courses

Foster School of Business
Build a personal roadmap and action plan for effective board service This seminar will focus on supporting executive women looking to be more influential board members, move from non-profit to for-profit boards, or serve on the boards of bigger organizations. The seminar is open to everyone,...
Jun 13—14, 2024
1 day in Seattle, Washington, United States
1,995 USD
ILR School
Learn key strategic and tactical choices in negotiating with irrational, narcissistic people. Drawing on techniques used by hostage negotiators, participants practice behavioral and communication techniques designed to redirect resistance. Techniques can be used in dealing with difficult people...
Jun 13—14, 2024
2 days in New York, New York, United States
1,495 USD

Online courses

The Chartered Institute of Marketing
The ability to communicate straightforward and memorable messages to your employees has arguably never been more important. With remote working becoming commonplace and a relentless pace of organisational change, it’s vital that your workforce is kept up to date and engaged. In this interactive...
Jun 13, 2024
Online course
655 USD