Best executive courses in Sales Management in Singapore

INSEAD Business School

10,893 USD

Optimise your sales force performance for competitive advantage When people and resources are scarce and expensive, you need to make every investment in your sales force count. Your sales force is a major growth engine and a critical source of market feedback. At the same time, it can rapidly...

May 24—28, 2021

5 days in Fontainebleau, France

10,893 USD

SIM Professional Development

499 USD

Sales professionals are facing greater challenges in achieving results due to increased competition, changes in buyers’ buying processes and behavior. It is crucial to develop a sales pipeline to stay on top of sales opportunities to grow your business. If a sales pipeline is developed and...

Nov 30, 2020

1 day in Singapore

NUS Institute of Systems Science

2,075 USD

This 3-day course enables participants to create intelligent virtual workers (intelligent agent) able to mimic real person to take business related actions and procedures by operating a computer and computer applications, in various business processes and industry domains. Participants learn...

Oct 29—Nov 2, 2020

3 days in Singapore

2,075 USD