October 29, 2023

Offline courses

Harvard Business School
Oct 29—Nov 3, 2023
1 day in Boston, Massachusetts, United States
14,500 USD
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Harvard Business School
Oct 29, 2023—May 3, 2024
1 day in Boston, Massachusetts, United States
27,750 USD
Kellogg School of Management
The world of business changed dramatically during the global pandemic. Today, leaders urgently need to know what trends will influence their industries and companies, where to look for new growth opportunities and how to pivot their organizations to capitalize on those growth...
Oct 29—Nov 1, 2023
4 days in Evanston, Illinois, United States
8,550 USD
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Online courses

Improving Communications
Negotiating Skills ► Into Action strengthens participants’ ability to apply a collaborative, problem-solving approach to the negotiating process. It is exercise-based, highly interactive and designed to yield results that can be put to use immediately. Outcomes – Participants will be able to: ...
Oct 29, 2023
Online course