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Mark Smith

Olin Business School

Cambridge Judge Business School Executive Education

John Nersesian

Yale School of Management

Booth School of Business

Sloan School of Management

Guest Lecturer at Sloan School of Management

Head of Advisor Education at Yale School of Management

John Coates

Harvard Business School

Professor (Harvard Law School) at Harvard Business School

Kevin Doolan

Harvard Law School

Partner, Møller PSF Group, Churchill College, University of Cambridge, UK at Harvard Law School

Patrick Sharry

UNSW Business School

Adjunct Faculty at UNSW Business School

Kevin Brown

The Florida International University College of Business

Rossana Tabares

The Florida International University College of Business

Shannon Tufts

UNC School of Government

Associate Professor of Public Law and Government and Director, Center for Public Technology at UNC School of Government

Inez Colon

Smeal College of Business