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Harvard Business School

Leading Change and Organizational Renewal

Leading Change and Organizational Renewal
Mar 15—20, 2020
6 days
Boston, Massachusetts, United States
USD 15500
USD 2583 per day

How it works


Market-leading organizations habitually innovate, adjust quickly to new business conditions, and seize emerging opportunities before their competitors do. In this hands-on program focused on managing organizational change, you'll learn how to lead a nimble organization—one that blends best practices, innovation, and evolutionary change. By studying industry-leading companies, you'll explore ways to balance innovation with performance, embrace strategic experimentation without jeopardizing financial stability, and successfully transform your company while paving a path to greater profitability.

What you can expect

Organizational change is a business imperative. With skilled and insightful leadership, senior teams within your organization will not only be able to adapt to changes in the business environment, but will also be positioned to drive innovation for today and tomorrow, and create new opportunities.

In Leading Change and Organizational Renewal, you will learn how organizations successfully transform themselves. A unique collaboration between Harvard Business School and Stanford Graduate School of Business, this Executive Education program draws on the diverse research, teaching, and consulting expertise of program faculty, as well as the firsthand experience of practicing managers in dozens of companies worldwide.

Through hands-on experience and in-depth analysis of examples drawn from real companies, you and your peers will leave with new perspectives and tangible action plans for leading and managing organizational change. Specifically, you will learn to:

  • Develop judgment to make effective decisions about organizational change — even when faced with imperfect or insufficient information
  • Embed new ways of doing things within your corporate culture
  • Develop internal communication networks among senior teams, as well as "product championship" skills, to drive your firm's innovative, dynamic capabilities
  • Embrace strategic experimentation and learning without jeopardizing financial stability
  • Analyze disruptive technologies as both threats and opportunities
  • Assess and manage organizational culture, diagnose problems, and implement cultural change
  • Use cutting-edge tools to help evaluate leadership styles and senior-team characteristics and how they affect change
  • Build a shared vision of success around organizational change initiatives

How Will My Organization Benefit?

Leading Change and Organizational Renewal is a significant investment for both you and your organization. Going far beyond the basic transmission of skills and theories, the program provides a unique personal-case working group experience that focuses you and your peers on specific innovation, change, or renewal issues that participants identify before coming to the program. Facilitated by leading HBS faculty, and supported by a groundbreaking curriculum and the latest organizational research, these lessons in the classroom not only give you a fresh perspective on global business, but are intended to provide strategic leadership frameworks that can be implemented successfully within your company.

Your Course of Study

As a participant in HBS Executive Education's Leading Change and Organizational Renewal, you will learn how to tackle the challenge of managing organizational change from many angles, building a framework that helps your organization execute efficiently today while innovating for tomorrow. The program's lectures, project-oriented working groups, case studies, and leadership development help address a specific challenge that your company faces, and provide proven, practical models to emulate within your own organization.

Curriculum components include:

Understanding the Roadblocks to Change

  • Why organizations fall victim to past successes; the roots of organizational inertia
  • How performance is impacted by industry standards, dominant designs, technological substitution, and disruptive technologies
  • How technology cycles drive organizational evolution and innovation

Building An Organizational Architecture To Encourage Managerial Problem-Solving

  • Understanding the relationship between strategy, culture, and execution
  • Identifying your current cultural challenges and identifying areas for change
  • Developing a culture that values both stability and exploration
  • Configuring an organization to support your strategies, objectives, and vision
  • Developing the right human resource capabilities

Crafting the Right Leadership Style

  • Shaping innovation, learning, and change by cultivating your leadership style and behavior
  • Understanding which levers can shape organizational capabilities and how to use them
  • Juggling contradictory pressures
  • Inspiring your senior team to effectively manage change

Innovation Through Strategy and Execution

  • Identifying the processes that create successful innovations
  • Working with managers to tailor their strategies for a dynamic business world

Becoming An Ambidextrous Organization

  • Aligning structure and management approach to the challenge at hand
  • Managing for short-term efficiency by emphasizing stability and control
  • Spurring long-term innovation through risk-taking and experimentation

Winning Through Innovation: The Senior Team's Role

  • Creating highly differentiated units within an integrated organization
  • Succeeding through a clearly articulated common vision, careful team composition, and the right system of rewards

Sourcing Knowledge Through Open Innovation

  • Managing technological change in firms and communities through distributed innovation systems
  • Capitalizing on the emergence of open source software and collective intelligence for innovative product development
  • Finding and incorporating knowledge from outside the organization for greater business applications

Designing Service Excellence

  • Refining your organization's approach to designing, managing, and improving service experiences
  • Leading service innovation from the multiple perspectives of customers, employees, and owners
  • Delivering on customer promises while creating value for broader stakeholders

Taking It Home, Making It Work

Every day while attending the program, participants work in small groups on a specific project relevant to an organizational challenge they face. These intensive projects are facilitated by faculty members with the objective of providing participants with the judgment and analytical tools they can bring back to their companies to address their most complex organizational issues.

Who should attend

Leading Change and Organizational Renewal is designed for executives in diverse roles at companies of all sizes and stages—from current market leaders to fast-growing midsize competitors to dynamic emerging companies.

Delivering diverse perspectives from peers around the world, the program's heterogeneous discussion groups provide the opportunity to explore common problems, diagnose performance gaps, and develop action plans. You will take away a rich mix of ideas for applying the program's frameworks to your own challenges.

To foster teamwork and maximize the learning impact, HBS gives admission preference to senior management teams composed of four to eight individuals.


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