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University of Stellenbosch Business School

Senior Management Development Programme (SMDP)

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How the SMDP articulates into an international degree

Next dates

May 13—Aug 23
15 daysModules info
Cape Town, South Africa
ZAR 79670 ≈USD 5667
ZAR 5311 per day
Jun 3—Sep 6
15 daysModules info
Windhoek, Namibia
NAD 63400 ≈USD 4504
NAD 4226 per day
Jun 10—Sep 20
15 daysModules info
Durban, South Africa
ZAR 79670 ≈USD 5667
ZAR 5311 per day
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The SMDP equips participants with a design mind-set as they explore strategic concepts around innovation, sustainability, collaboration, organisational change and business agility.​

What does it cover

As exponential environmental change becomes a reality, organisations are increasingly exposed to a new generation of organizational concepts and technologies. A paradigm shift in terms of new management and strategic leadership thinking is required. Senior managers will need to place greater emphasis on developing resilience and adaptability to changing circumstances and acquire the ability to sense and respond to new business models.

Who should attend

Senior managers from any industry, who are needing to develop a strategic mind-set.


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IE Business School

Hacking Exponential Growth

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Leading Innovation HIOP promo

Next dates

Jun 9—15
7 days
Segovia, Spain
EUR 7400 ≈USD 8321
EUR 1057 per day

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Today, new technologies are transforming every level of society. In this context of change, the traditional linear growth model isn’t enough for businesses to achieve lasting success. By applying exponential growth models, executives have an unprecedented opportunity to outsmart market competitors or even create their own new market, with their own rules.

Achieving exponential growth requires a disruptive mindset. To drive lasting change, you will need to design a whole new roadmap across your entire organizational value chain, including people, technology and business models.

Hacking Exponential Growth is a pioneering program for senior executives from all areas of business who are eager to develop a strategic framework that incorporates an effective combination of linear and exponential growth business models.

During this program you will be able to identify and develop key skills for designing, executing and understanding exponential business models.


Hacking Exponential Growth aims to help participants:

  • Gain an exponential mindset
  • Design a new strategic roadmap
  • Lead change by becoming a growth hacker
  • Open up new business opportunities


Our research into exponential models, businesses and organizations is leading the way, resulting in the disruptive managerial perspectives that inspired Hacking Exponential Growth.

The “From CEO to CXO” module challenges the very nature of management. In the new model of top managerial positions, the idea of the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) has been replaced by the CXO (Catalyzer Exponential Orchestrator).


Hacking Exponential Growth is a five-day program built around 5 learning blocks.


This block explores the exponential paradigm and the role of technology as a multiplier, while also taking a practical approach to technology forecasting as a key capability for strategic scenarios.


This block provides a comprehensive catalogue of exponential business models as well as a practical experience in exponential business-model prototyping.


Becoming a market maker is a distinctive feature of successful exponential models, which implies the ability to think in terms of hybrid markets, customers and experiences.


Exponential organizations are not easy to create. This block aims to provide several tools devoted to defining a clear roadmap when transitioning from linear to exponential ones.


Talent is another critical multiplier in exponential models. Knowing how to manage and steer an organization is a critical ability every exponential leader should develop.

Who should attend

  • Professionals and decision-makers who lead teams and make strategic decisions that affect their organizations.
  • Professionals who plan to have decision-making roles in their organization in the short-term.
  • Business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking to grow and nurture the innovative culture or their organization.
  • Team leaders in charge of initiating the creation of products or services (e.g. Product Development managers).
  • Future leaders who have been identified and put on a talent-track.
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