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Jun 7—Jul 27, 2020
21 daysModules info
Oxford, United Kingdom
GBP 18500 ≈USD 23900
GBP 880 per day
Oct 4—24, 2020
21 days
Oxford, United Kingdom
GBP 18500 ≈USD 23900
GBP 880 per day


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About the course

A 21-day transformational leadership and general management programme for experienced senior leaders.

A three-week programme for experienced senior leaders.

You will discover and discuss the challenges and opportunities for sustaining superior performance in a globalised 21st Century context. You will explore what's in store for the future of work against a backdrop of disruptive technology, Millennials stepping into leadership roles, and unprecedented speed of change.

The programme is built around three key pillars:

  • Global challenges and insights
  • Organisational challenges and choices
  • Your leadership journey

Working alongside a diverse peer and faculty group at the cutting edge of organisations and industries worldwide, you will transform your leadership and create profitable and sustainable growth for your organisation.

Triple helix framework

The programme is based around the Triple Helix Framework.

Your learning journey is built around Oxford's Triple Helix Framework linking the purpose of an organisation, often challenging, to the results that shareholders and society at large expect.

The framework depicted below is translated into the programme by creating a three-week structure built around the three pillars of the triple helix. You will first explore your Global Challenges & Insights followed by Your Organisational Challenges and Choices, you will finally address Your Personal Leadership Journey.

The overarching goal of your journey is to answer a fundamental question: 'How do I make a difference to society?'

The benefits

To you

  • Challenge ideas and test assumptions
  • Reflect critically on your leadership experiences
  • Develop your self-awareness and effectiveness
  • Build links with an experienced group of global leaders
  • Draw on the latest research from Oxford University
  • Eligible for lifetime membership of the Oxford Business Alumni network

To your business

  • Discover and develop frameworks to enhance organisational impact
  • Gain access to influential leaders in organisations in and around your ecosystem
  • Lead case study discussions on your own organisational challenges

Your experience

Understanding that leadership is as much about who you are, as it is about what you do, is what makes the programme experience so unique. You will be learning in a community where people are prepared to address the unknown and start to develop long-horizon international strategies. The faculty members working with you are involved in tackling global problems.

The free exchange of knowledge, sharing of assumptions and tolerance of alternative views are what make the programme unique. Time will be taken to help you customise the programme learning experience for you. The tutoring and coaching you receive after the programme will significantly help you embed the changes you have made during your learning into your organisation and your own life.


Module one

We begin by focusing on the global events that are shaping the 21st Century and the strategies required for strong performance in our changing world. Immersing yourself within a diverse peer group, you will gain a global perspective of these challenges through peer insights, personal development sessions, and cutting edge lectures delivered by world renowned experts from across the University of Oxford and industry.

Key concepts:

  • Global events that are shaping the 21st century
  • Challenges leaders and managers face
  • Applications of strategy in a changing world
  • Sustaining competitive advantage and superior performance
  • Diversification and sustainable growth
  • Impact of technology on business models
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Growth strategies in emerging markets

Module two

Viewing the world from inside an organisation requires an in-depth understanding of Corporate and Business Strategy, Corporate Finance and Investment, Strategic Marketing and Branding, Talent Management, and Managing Business Processes. Moving from a basic to high level understanding of each of these areas, you will consider your choices for creating and sharing value responsibly and achieving sustainable growth.

Key concepts:

  • Managing finances for sustainable growth, and creating and sharing value
  • Financing large scale investments
  • Balancing economic and social gains
  • Public private partnerships
  • Strategic talent management
  • Innovations in operations for superior performance
  • Understanding customers and creating consumer centric organisation
  • Building brand and market leadership, and marketing ethics and social responsibility

Module three

Your chance to examine and re-examine your leadership style and agenda. Your personal tutor help you reflect on your leadership challenges and how to enrich your development process. Based on scholarly research and rich experience of leaders from various fields you will examine the comprehensive nature of leadership today.

Key concepts include:

  • Strategic negotiations skills
  • Coaching and inspiring emerging leaders
  • Transformational leadership for change
  • Oxford Debate on contemporary leadership challenges
  • Executing through executive teams
  • Leading transformation of a nation state
  • Leadership in turbulent environments
  • Your leadership edge, values and agenda
  • Personal tutoring and action planning

Personal coaching

Throughout your programme you work with a personal tutor in one-to-one sessions which will create a space for you to reflect critically on your learnings, and consider how you might being to apply them in your own context.

  • Informed and assisted reflections
  • Strategic leadership thinking
  • Leadership development
  • Focused personal and professional development
  • Writing action plans for personal, team and organisational development
  • Making a difference in society.
  • Translating your learning into action

Who should attend

This programme is for senior leaders at or near the top of their organisation. Typically candidates will have held senior roles for at least 10 years.

You will be searching for a solution to serious concerns from looking for strategic foresight on the international events shaping the 21st century to wanting to discover innovative choices and actions for self-development.

Your will be learning alongside people with roles like those below:

  • Chief Executive Officer's
  • Members of the Board
  • Business & Function Heads
  • Managing Directors
  • Executive Directors
  • Senior Political Leaders
  • Senior Government Officials
  • Country Heads
  • Leaders from the Social Sector
  • Regional Directors

Trust the experts

Marc Bertoneche

Marc L. Bertoneche holds a chairmanship as Professor in Business Administration at the University of Bordeaux and was on the faculty of INSEAD, the European Institute of Business Administration in Fontainebleau, France, for more than twenty years. His areas of interest include corporate and finan...


Kunal Basu

Kunal Basu is a Senior Teaching Fellow in Marketing at Saïd Business School and a  Research Fellow of Templeton College. His recent research focuses on the interface between strategic marketing and corporate social responsibility, drawing on theoretical perspectives from philosophy, and social an...


Sue Dopson

Sue Dopson is the Academic Director of the Oxford Diploma in Organisational Leadership,  Associate Dean of Faculty at Saïd Business School, a Fellow of Green Templeton College, Oxford, and Visiting Professor at the University of Alberta, Canada. She is a noted specialist on the personal and organ...


Lalit Johri

Dr Lalit Johri is a Senior Fellow in International Business and the Director of the Oxford Advanced Management and Leadership Programme at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford. His areas of expertise include strategy and leadership in international businesses, alliances including public pri...


Tim Morris

Timothy Morris is Professor of Management Studies at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford. Tim’s research and teaching activities mainly focus on the increasingly important field of professional service firms (PSFs) in which he is acknowledged as a leading international expert. PSFs are hu...


Steve New

Steve New is Associate Professor in Operations Management at Saïd Business School and Fellow of Hertford College at the University of Oxford. His areas of expertise include supply chain management and process improvement.  A leading authority on supply chain management, Steve’s interests lie in ...


Thomas Powell

Thomas Powell is Professor of Strategy at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford. His areas of expertise include competitive strategy, behavioural strategy, and executive decision making. Thomas' research on competitive strategy examines the causes and consequences of sustained competitive a...


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