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Tell us about your business or educational goals and tasks that require research or consulting


We present you with a developed action plan and research design needed to achieve your goals


Taking into account your feedback, we conduct analysis and regularly keep in touch with you to inform about the process

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We conduct qualitative and quantitative
research based on real data

In-depth assessment of your goals and needs and creation of methodological plan to find answers for the stated questions

Analysis using our constantly updated database that includes 10k+ courses, 40k+ faculty, and 10k+ reviews on educational programs

Study of external sources, conducting interviews with world experts and consulting with independent practitioners

Research on trends and the most relevant benchmarks and best practices in your industry and globally

Collection and analysis of unstructured information such as audience profiles, expert statements, etc

Development of financial and marketing models for educational providers and specific programs

How we can help

Corporate clients

  • Assist you in making decisions based on relevant data
  • Give you data-driven recommendations to help you find out, where and what the employees should study
  • Analyze the competency assessment model and develop educational solutions that optimally match it
  • Determine the budget to be allocated for educational needs
  • Select courses or develop customized programs

Education providers

  • Assist you in making decisions based on relevant data
  • Analyze industry best practices to improve your clients' top management training system
  • Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your educational programs, determine your competitive advantage
  • Identify the topics in demand to create new educational programs and analyze all the information about who teaches it and how
  • Determine what you need to focus on in order to compete with top universities

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Discover the cutting-edge techniques in executive education and see how we put them into practice.

Save your time and

You don't need to conduct assessments or research — we take care of everything.

Pay only for what your
team needs

Our personal approach ensures that our research includes only what your organization needs — there will be no irrelevant content or topics that you are not interested in.

Stay informed throughout
the process

Your personal manager keeps in touch with you throughout the entire process. Written communication or online meetings – we are always ready to answer your questions.

Be confident in the
quality of training

We have been working in business education for 10+ years and use the most up-to-date research methods and data from relevant industries.

Examples of completed projects

University Strategy Development

Client: Private religious university

Analyzed existing program portfolio and infrastructure, Identified and researched relevant best practices, designed a new flagship international program and identified potential faculty and global partners for it.

Learning priorities for IT companies

Client: Forbes 2000 IT company

Analyzed learning trajectories for thousands of participants from global IT companies and professional profiles for thousands of faculty to help our client design their leadership team development strategy

Women Leadership Programs

Client: FT top 100 Business School

Analyzed open enrollment program at leading business schools (topic, formats, instructors etc.) to help our client launch a successful program of their own.

ESG Instruction Best Practices

Client: FT top 100 Business School

Created a comprehensive map of ESG instruction based on dozens of ESG-focused degree programs and hundreds of various open enrollment programs falling into any of ESG categories to help our client re-focus their teaching strategy

Digital Transformation Program Analysis

Client: FT top 10 Business School

Analyzed dozens of digital transformation programs (topics, formats, participants profiles etc) at leading global business schools to help our client launch a new best-selling program of their own

Business Schools COVID 19 rapid response analysis

Surveyed faculty and students from 50 leading business schools on strategies and technologies of pandemic instruction changes to identify best practices in teaching transition.

What does the price
depend on?


Research scope and complexity

Our costs depend on the number of stages of the study, the number of sources and data, the size and duration of the stud

Technologies and methods

The price depends on whether new technological solutions are needed or existing ones are sufficient.

Your budget

We focus on your request and conditions. That's why we analyze and compare costs based on the figures you have set.

Tell us about your business goals and expectations and we will find the best learning option for you

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