Senior Executive Programme

London Business School

How long?

  • 4 weeks
  • in person, online

London Business School


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Who should attend

With a minimum of 12 years' management experience, attendees have already achieved significant impact as general managers in their organisations, and include:

  • Senior executives from large organisations who are one or two levels from CEO.
  • Regional directors or country managers.
  • Heads of multiple business units within an organisation.
  • Senior civil servants and leaders of not-for-profit organisations.
  • C-suite executives of small and mid-sized organisations.

About the course

Challenge your thinking and reignite your ambition with our flagship executive development programme. Immerse yourself in a transformational experience in the heart of London.

Leadership. Strategy. Change. Impact.

Challenge yourself and sharpen your capabilities in leadership, strategy, change and impact to achieve unrivalled results at the top tier of your organisation.

Benefits for you

  • Challenge your thinking and reignite your ambition with our flagship programme for senior executives leading at the top tier of organisations worldwide.
  • Join a globally diverse peer group of exceptional senior leaders, sharing experiences and broadening your perspectives.
  • Explore the ideas that drive leadership, strategy, change and impact, guided by world-class business thinkers, and bolstered with tried and tested insights from industry practitioners.
  • Elevate your impact through experiential learning designed to provoke ideas and challenge your assumptions.
  • Experience London as your classroom, and immerse yourself in a dynamic global business hub.
  • Renew your confidence to thrive through uncertainty, cut-through complexity and seize new opportunities for growth.
  • Upon completion, join LBS’s global Executive Education Alumni network consisting of over 17,000 executives spanning 150 countries.

Benefits for your organisation

  • Prepare your organisation for the future in the ever-evolving global landscape, and enable growth, digital transformation and sustainability.
  • Invest in your greatest talent and develop the next generation of senior leaders.
  • Encourage experimentation and innovation at the heart of your business.
  • Create positive social impact and superior financial results by transitioning to a more sustainable business model.
  • Reconceptualise critical global challenges as profitable, scalable growth opportunities.

Immerse. Explore. Challenge. Transform.

Join a global group of exceptional senior leaders to challenge and broaden your perspective, in one of the world’s most dynamic cities.

What you learn


  • Reflect on your leadership journey, honing your style, impact and effectiveness.
  • Explore you at your best, leveraging signature strengths, drawing on proven psychometric tools and executive coaching.
  • Fuel the performance of your people to navigate change and disruption.
  • Create the confidence to speak for your organisation, and step into the spotlight of the global media.


  • Build a broader strategic mindset to capitalise on opportunities.
  • Improve innovation, ensure sustainability, and drive competitive advantage for the future of your organisation.
  • Secure sustainable success in today’s volatile business climate by setting a strategy to thrive globally through volatile, complex and ambigious future scenarios.


  • Take a holistic approach to change. Examine your organisation’s competitive environment, challenge management orthodoxies, and influence corporate culture.


  • Understand and utilise the motives of your stakeholders to maximise opportunity and value.
  • Operate with the confidence to elevate your impact at the top tier your organisation.

How you learn

  • Learn from some of the finest business minds, with classes led by our world renowned faculty – drawing on their research, thought leadership and global perspectives on key issues to equip you with powerful insights.
  • Industry practitioners will share their hard-won experiences and expose you to an inside view of some of the world’s most innovative businesses.
  • Become immersed in experiential learning, featuring unique performance, presentation and decision-making simulations.
  • Draw from the powerful perspectives of your cohort, a diverse group of senior leaders from across the globe.
  • Evaluate your capabilities, using proven psychometric tools with one-to-one coaching to create a personal development plan.
  • Be inspired, challenged and enlightened through real-life business problems discussed and debated through international case studies.
  • Practice key lessons and test ideas in a supportive and varied learning environment.

Your learning journey


  • On-boarding call with Programme Director to explore your learning objectives.
  • Gain access to programme material and take part in a personal and organisational self-assessement exercises in preparation for the programme.

Module 1

Week 1: Leadership

  • Explore the challenges and complex demands of modern leadership, encompassing ethics, behaviours, diversity, longevity and globalisation.
  • Learn to boost your presence and visibility through an exceptional session with an experiential coach.

Week 2: Strategy

  • Understand the latest thinking in strategy and explore the strategic innovation, disruption and digital transformations that will shape the future.
  • Learn to address complexity and challenges with resilience and the confidence to lead.
  • Tackle complex issues and methods to value the enterprise, using metrics and tools to evaluate corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions.

Back in the workplace (6-8 WEEKS)*

  • Apply these new concepts in your workplace with the support from your cohort.
  • Experiment with new ideas.

Module 2

Week 3: Change

  • Reframe your mindset and behaviours to become an active agent of change and influence.
  • Discover purpose-led organisations, building brand value and distinctive propositions.
  • Re-evaluate your personal and professional networks and devise a strategy to build and diversify its value.

Week 4: Impact

  • Dismantle the burden of bureaucracy and unleash innovation through experimentation in your organisation.
  • Grow your personal impact, taking into account the cumulative learning from the programme and devise a plan to focus your energy, skills and new ideas.

London or Online

London (in-person)

  • Experience our world-class Executive Education programmes at our central London campus.
  • Immerse yourself in experiential activities, collaborative group exercises and face-to-face networking opportunities with your peers, guest speakers and our world-class faculty.
  • For programme iterations running in-person and online simultaneously, you’ll experience a format that bridges the gap between on-campus and virtual learning, enabling you to collaborate with your fellow participants both in London and around the world.
  • Learn in the heart of London and access campus amenities.


  • Bring the LBS experience to you with live virtual learning led by our world-class faculty.
  • Join a dynamic virtual classroom, where you’ll be immersed in experiential activities and collaborative group work with your peers, while learning from and interacting with our leading faculty and guest speakers.
  • For programmes running in-person and online simultaneously, you’ll experience a format that bridges the gap between on-campus and virtual learning, enabling you to collaborate with your fellow participants both in London and around the world.
  • After completion, online participants will have the chance to join us on campus for an exclusive day of networking with classmates and insightful sessions with LBS faculty.


Costas Markides

Repeatedly ranked among the world’s top 50 business thinkers by the Thinkers50, Professor Costas Markides is recognised as one of the world’s foremost experts on strategy and innovation. An internationally acclaimed teacher and conference speaker, Professor Markides has researched the topics of s...

Andrew Scott

Andrew J Scott is Professor of Economics. a Research Fellow at the Centre for Economic Policy Research and a consulting scholar at Stanford University’s Center on Longevity. His research focuses on longevity, an ageing society, and fiscal policy and debt management and has been published widely ...

Randall Peterson

Professor of Organisational Behaviour, Chair, Organisational Behaviour Faculty BS MA (Minnesota), PhD (University of California, Berkeley) Professor Randall S. Peterson is Chair of the Organisational Behaviour Subject Area and Vice President of the School’s Campaign Committee. His current resea...

Henri Servaes

Professor of Finance BBA (European University), MSIA (Purdue University), PhD (Purdue University) Professor Henri Servaes has taught in programmes around the world and was ranked second in Europe for research productivity in financial economics (over the period 1990-2008) in a recent study. He ...

Nigel Nicholson

Professor of Organisational Behaviour, Faculty Advisor for Electives; Chief Examiner BA (University College, Cardiff), PhD (University of Wales) Professor Nigel Nicholson has been has been a Professor at London Business School since 1990. Before becoming a business psychologist he was a journal...

Gary Hamel

Visiting Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship BSc, MBA (Andrews University), PhD (University of Michigan) Professor Gary Hamel was recently ranked by The Wall Street Journal as the world’s most influential business thinker, and Fortune magazine has called him ‘the world’s leading expert o...

Dan Cable

Dan Cable is Professor of Organisational Behaviour at London Business School. Dan’s areas of teaching, research, and consulting include employee engagement, leading change, organizational culture and its effects on sustained competitive advantage, leadership development and mindset, gender in lea...

Tammy Erickson

Tammy Erickson is an expert on leadership, the changing workforce, collaboration and innovation, and the nature of work in intelligent organisations. A McKinsey award-winning author, she has been three-times named one of the 50 most influential global management thinkers by Thinkers50. Erickson ...

Isabel Fernandez Mateo

A native of Spain, Dr Isabel Fernandez-Mateo holds the Adecco Chair at London Business School. As Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, she has taught in various degree programmes at London Business School, including the required core Strategic Management course for the full time MBA and Ex...

Ioannis Ioannou

Dr Ioannou is a strategy scholar whose research focuses on Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). More specifically, he seeks to understand whether, how, and the extent to which the modern business organization contributes towards building a sustainable future. His academic wor...

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Senior Executive Programme at London Business School

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

Full disclaimer.

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