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Goizueta Business School:
Executive Communication & Leadership Presence
Executive Communication & Leadership Presence shows you how to build confidence and inspire action among internal and external audiences with an effective, consistent messaging strategy and tactics for becoming a more observant and effective communicator. Learn how to guide your organization...
1 days
2495 USD
Leonard N. Stern School of Business:
Developing Leadership Presence
As a leader, your words are going to be repeated, broadcast, commented on and critiqued. Enhancing your communication skills will help you deliver more powerful statements across multiple stakeholder groups and multiple platforms. In this advanced communication program, participants will...
2 days
4382 USD
New York
SIM Professional Development:
Refining Your Business Writing Skills for Professionals
There is a big difference between old-fashioned business writing style that is generally taught in schools and what is expected in modern business correspondence. The next hurdle is presenting what is written but most professionals have no idea how to present their ideas in a persuasive and...
2 days
824.0721000000001 USD
Smith School of Business:
Developing Your Leadership Presence
Sell yourself and your ideas with poise, power, and passion As a leader, your ability to make things happen is contingent on how much your influence inspires and motivates those around you. The best communicators understand that exhibiting a strong presence goes well beyond the words they...
1 days
2227.1895999999997 USD
Asper School of Business:
Taking the Stage®: Achieving a Leadership Presence
Taking the Stage® is a ground-breaking program that shows women how to speak with courage and confidence so they can be seen and heard as leaders. Why This Program? You will work with an experienced communication coach from The Humphrey Group, who will guide you to script yourself with...
1 days
1420.7923 USD
David Eccles School of Business:
Mastering Public Speaking (women’s Leadership)
Communication excellence is an essential leadership tool. As a leader ascends in their organization, they are required to speak in public more often as they shape the organization’s mission, vision, and values. Become a more persuasive and confident speaker who creates a powerful, emotional...
1 days
1900 USD
Salt Lake City
DePaul University:
Professional Business Writing Certificate Program
Professional Business Writing is centered on the idea that every piece of effective business writing, whether it's an email, memo, formal letter, marketing piece or web page, should cause the reader to take action. This Professional Business Writing course is designed to help you think about...
1 days
795 USD
Sauder School of Business:
Persuasion and Influence
Build Trust and Influence Throughout the Organization Gone are the days when persuasion consisted of “because I said so.” With the flattening of power structures, the most effective way to persuade others is to secure their trust and influence their attitudes and actions in a constructive...
2 days
1685.7598 USD

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The University of Adelaide:
1 days
566.9738 USD
Alberta School of Business:
403.2038 USD
Foster School of Business:
1 days
545 USD