Getting Results Without Authority


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Who should attend

If you are a business professional who needs to have work done through others—or who needs to convince another person to buy into an idea or follow up on a request, this programme is for you.

About the course

Learn how to be persuasive at work and get the results you need without authority. Unleash your personal power to negotiate, influence and persuade. Whether you’re dealing with bosses, colleagues, staff members or senior management; the ability to win respect, influence people and cultivate cooperation is absolutely essential to career success. The people with whom you interact in business can change on a moment’s notice, making the ability to be persuasive with anyone in the workplace to achieve desired results is crucial—especially when you don’t have immediate authority to command their cooperation.

Register to this intensive 3-day persuasion and influence training programme focused on practical learning, designed and facilitated by business people that understand your challenges and will guide you to find effective solutions.

Your immediate takeway:

  • Understand exchange and reciprocity to persuade (the first steps in the influence process)
  • Adapt your communication style to maximise your credibility
  • Turn your character and capabilities into influence
  • Persuade with a framework of discovery, preparation and dialogue

You’ll practice persuasive communication and other influencing techniques right from day one through the final activity on day three of this information-packed programme—and enhance your learning with videos, exercises, assessment tools and group discussions.

This persuasion and influence training course combines proven-by-practice methods with new insights and ideas that will grow your persuasion and influencing skills. You will gain a wider perspective of communication through breakout sessions, exercises, and case applications.

How will you benefit?

After participating in this programme, you will grow your persuasion and influence skills & competencies and be able to:

  • Establish or regain credibility so you can begin to influence people
  • Effectively use your power base to persuade others
  • Understand the person you’re trying to influence—and persuade through give-and-take
  • Develop and grow relationships within your organization and beyond
  • Create a collaborative work environment for faster, better results
  • Let communication differences work for, not against, you
  • Successfully sell your ideas and implement change
  • Achieve trust and give-and-take relationships up, down and across the organization
  • Influence people while projecting self-confidence without being pushy
  • Adapt your style to the person or situation you’re dealing with
  • Identify various negotiating techniques that promote win-win outcomes

During this programme you will:

  • Network and learn from a diverse group of peers from different functions, industries and countries
  • Develop a personal action plan to implement back at work
  • Learn and practice using real-world examples over 3 interactive days

What will you learn and practice?

Getting Results without Authority is a 3-days hands-on training programme, highly interactive with exercises and role plays. The programme will be led by an experienced facilitator with former experience in international companies.

Programme Outline:

Personal Power

  • Understanding your personal power
  • Personal power behaviors
  • Attributes of effective/ineffective influencers
  • Your power relative to the other person
  • Influencing strategies
  • Commitment Model: why commitment from others doesn’t happen by chance

Reciprocity and Relationships: The First Step in the Influence Process

  • Mental model of influence
  • Reciprocity assessment and case study
  • Principles of reciprocity
  • Building relationships
  • Creating partnership

Communication Style

  • The importance of flexing with communication style preferences when influencing others
  • Various communication styles you come across at work
  • Identifying your preferred communication style and those of others
  • The impact of the negative attribution cycle


  • Key components of persuasive communication skills: discovery, preparation, dialogue
  • The need to adjust to different audiences
  • Understanding the world of the other person
  • The role of investment and risk in persuasion
  • Achieving credibility
  • Managing stakeholders
  • Reaching a common goal
  • Selling your position by providing evidence
  • Connecting emotionally
  • Best form of communication: listening, questioning
  • Practising persuasion in business techniques

When Conflict Comes Between You and Your Desired Results

  • Approaches to conflict resolution
  • Conflict activity
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Using a win-win mindset

Getting Better Results Through Negotiation

  • Power, information, timing and approach
  • Basic principles of negotiation
  • Various steps in negotiation
  • Final negotiation activity


Nadia Rao

Nadia began her career as a lawyer in 1994. She studied and worked in France, Switzerland, UK, Greece, Spain and Belgium. Over the next 10 years, Nadia worked as EMEA Finance Manager for various multinational pharmaceutical and medical technology companies, including Baxter, St. Jude Medical, Per...

Marianna Sidiropoulou

Marianna is an Organisational Psychology Consultant and a Doctoral researcher in Gender and Leadership at the University of London. She brings to MCE’s leadership and people management practice her deep expertise in Interpersonal and Leadership skills. Marianna applies her in-depth psychoanalytic...

Filip Staelens

Filip’s experience and passion is in Leadership and Team Management, Strategy Implementation and Change Management. He has worked in various roles with blue chip companies in Manufacturing Industry. His functional scope has included Operations, Supply Chain, Sales/Business Management and Project ...

Monica Arquero Cabrera

During 2 decades, due to her culture based on strategic thinking, understanding of customer needs, innovation, team building (used to manage multicultural and international teams) and hard work to achieve results, Monica has been commissioned by national and international companies to analyze the...

Philippe Duvivier

A former International HR Director with a proven track record in HR and business leadership positions in global organisations, Philippe brings 30 years of HR experience in different industries from Telecom, Service, Automotive to High Technology and Distribution & Retail. He has worked at dif...

Frederic Ollier

With a strong expertise in Strategy, Leadership and Operational Management in the Pharmaceutical industry, Frederic is a seasoned executive and a Senior Consultant and Trainer. He brings to MCE more than 30 years of professional corporate and field experience in multi cultural environments (14 ye...

Sergio Anarte

Sergio is passionate about helping individuals and organizations improve their performance and achieve outstanding results. He loves to understand what the key levers that can take individuals and organizations performance to the next level are, and creates and implements simple yet powerful tran...

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Getting Results Without Authority at MCE

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

Full disclaimer.

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