Rutgers Business School
Customer Experience Office

I have taken this approach throughout my career in customer experience within the hospital and health care industry with corporations such as BlueCross and BlueShield of South Carolina and Geisinger Health System in Pennsylvania, and that has made all the difference. My ability to design creative solutions while simultaneously recognizing and addressing potential problems has resulted in innovative processes and systems, creating win-win scenarios for businesses and consumers.

My talents in leading teams to formulate strategies and roadmaps for innovative interfaces will result in enhanced customer experiences and increased profits. I possess knowledge in collaborating with key stakeholders to build consensus and achieve project goals. Because of my exceptional written and oral communication skills, I can convey ideas clearly and vividly, selecting language that has the ability to change perspectives and perceptions. I utilize leading edge-technologies such as Zocdoc and Clockwise MD Queue to enhance the digital customer experience.

My expertise lies in the following areas:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Customer Experience
  • Team Leadership
  • Project Management
  • Relationship Development
  • Process Improvements
  • Change Management
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Marketing
  • Digital Customer Experience and technology
  • Contact Center Operations and technology

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