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Best Executive Programs on Aritficial Intelligence

When looking to bring your business into the future, one has to consider Artificial Intelligence, or AI. AI is one of the leading tech innovations in the business world, and those that use it are gaining an edge on the competition. Whether solving complicated problems independently or reducing human error, it is a powerful tool for those that know how to use it. Wanting to bring AI into your business? These courses are a great place to start.

Alex Dolinskiy
November 26, 2018

Not everyone who could benefit from learning about AI can take the time to travel to courses. Thankfully, Sloan School of Management offers a comprehensive course in AI that can be completed online. Artificial Intelligence: Implication for Business Strategy is hosted by one of the leading business schools in the world, taught by experts such as Andrew Lo and Daniela Rus. Over six weeks, you will work through six modules that are designed to teach you everything that a decision-maker needs to know about AI and the uses it has in the business world. You will have the help of a success team, which consists of several experienced professionals whose job it is to support you while learning. Anyone that anticipates being in the role or is already in the role of a decision-making executive or manager will find this class useful.

For executives looking to learn the basics of AI and the changes it will bring, Rotman, offers a great beginner's course. Located in Ontario, Canada, Artificial Intelligence: An Executive Primer gives busy executives the chance to learn the best ways to implement AI in their business, both in long-term and short-term goals. This course lasts over two days, during which you will learn from some of the top minds in this field, including Avi Goldfarb, the author of “Prediction Machines: The Simple Economics of Artificial Intelligence.” You won't be dealing with the technical side of things here, so those who aren't tech savvy should be comfortable here.

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Want a European program that is both in-depth and fairly low-priced? Frankfurt School of Finance and Management has something that is sure to suit you. Certified Expert in Artificial Intelligence for Business will leave you with a knowledge of how AI works and its best uses in the business world. This is done over two five-day weeks in Frankfurt, Germany, while being taught by experts Florian Ellsaesser, Gergely Szertics, and Levente Szabados. This course is a steal at just EUR 6490 (USD 7359) total, or EUR 649 per day. Whether you're a Manager, Chief Information Officer, Computer Science Developer, or simply aspire to a C-level position, this is an amazing, low-cost course.

For those looking to take a course in South America, you should consider Hyper Island's Leading in Artificial Intelligence Times. A two-day course located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, this is for business managers looking, not for complete tech knowledge of AI, but the basics of how it the effect it will have, both on their business and in general. This is a really hands-on course in a “bootcamp” style format. You'll leave with a sense of what AI can do for your business, how other businesses use it, and how you can use it yourself.

One of the more unique courses on this list, INSEAD Business School offers AI for Business. Taught by Phanish Puranam, an expert in information technology, you will learn not only what AI can do, but what it can't do. While AI is a very useful tool, there are some things it isn't suited for. Acknowledging these impossibilities is a large part in successful AI application. Over three days, you'll learn how other businesses use this technology, as well as how you can implement it yourself. Located both in Singapore, as well as Fontainebleu, France, this thorough class is great for senior executives looking to ready their businesses for the future, leaders looking for an understanding of AI and its uses, as well as senior management looking to develop plans specifically for their business.

Our second Canadian course, this time located in Montreal, McGill Executive Institute's AI Essentials is a two-day course designed for almost everyone in decision-making positions that are curious as to what AI offers their business. Day One will cover AI basics, core technologies, and how it can be implemented to foster business growth. On Day Two, it gets personal, where you'll learn how to make well-informed decisions using AI; learn how to begin implementing AI into your business; and how to make the most of AI once it is implemented. At CAD 1895 (USD 1431), this is a wonderful and budget-conscious option.

Managers, strategic decision makers, and executives of all kinds can benefit from the course offered by IESE Business School. Artificial Intelligence for Executives is geared towards those without a technological background. Instead, it focuses on how you can handle AI from a managerial standpoint and the changes you can make to help your business with it. Over three days, you'll learn the basic concepts behind AI, how you can use it along with traditional business strategy, how to implement it, and the ethics behind using AI. Located in beautiful Barcelona, Spain, this course is taught by experts in the fields of both strategy and technology, including Anneloes Raes and Julián Villanueva.

No matter how much knowledge you have on the tech front, your business can benefit from using AI. Bring your business into the future by taking one of these courses, and employing one of the fastest-growing innovations in the business industry today!

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