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Leo Kerklaan is an experienced strategy professional, teacher and writer. His strategic work has spanned business cases in most industries and in many regions of the world, assisting with both continuing plans and one-off challenges. Leo studied Law (The Hague Business School) and Economics (Amsterdam University). He gained long years of management experience as: Operations Manager (Netherlands Postal Bank), Quality Assurance Manager (Fokker Aircraft), and Training and Development Manager (Fokker Aircraft).

Leo helps managers achieve specific performance levels related to the strategic long-term goals of the organization. He frequently conducts workshops for management teams, which often produce performance dashboards. Leo also regularly helps companies develop their business models based on strategic choices and the translation of those choices into daily practice.

He describes his method of designing, developing, and implementing performance dashboards with just a few vital KPIs in his book The Organizational Cockpit. In his follow-up, The Agile Organization, he describes how to maneuver an organization in turbulent times.

Lecturer - 3 types of courses

  • Performance management, business modeling, strategy dynamics, dashboarding, and KPIs. In this course you will learn how to successfully design, implement, and establish Performance Management.
  • Scenario-based planning & business dynamics. This training course teaches you how to develop plans and prepare for plausible future scenarios by making your strategy future-proof.
  • PDCA & Continuous improvement, strategy implementation, capability development. In this course you will learn how to effectively implement changes based on strategic direction and development of key resources (staff, consumers, etc). PDCA + KPIs + process improvement + feedback = improved results.

Author of 8 books (Dutch).

  • De wendbare organisatie 2016
  • De Cockpit van de Organisatie (5th ed.) 2009
  • Het Magische Getal 2006
  • Duurzaam veranderen 2005
  • De resultaatgerichte overheid 2004
  • Verbetermeters voor dienstverleners 1996
  • Effectief diagnose stellen in de organisatie 1992
  • Kwaliteitsmanagement in de dienstverlening 1992

Courses Taught

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