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About the course

The importance of management skills for administrative professionals goes beyond heightened professional growth and career development.

Whether you’re an administrative assistant, secretary, executive secretary or another member of the administrative support staff, Management Skills for Administrative Professionals is the course for you! Bring your current challenges and brainstorm with colleagues and your course leader to solve your most pressing problems. Leave with a concrete action plan!

Course Objectives

  • Juggle multiple responsibilities
  • Learn better ways to think on your feet with powerful techniques
  • Create win-win solutions that leave everyone feeling positive
  • Become a strategic partner to your boss
  • Understand different team player styles for more effective collaboration
  • Control your time and workload with advanced time-management skills

Course Outline

Mastering Change with Management Skills

  • Find your place on the management team
  • Empower yourself to achieve growth
  • Discover what it takes to become a change master

Fine-Tuning Your Team Skills

  • Match business goals with administrative support goals
  • Assess your leader/manager preference in teams
  • Map your management team’s priorities for the year

Dealing Productively with Conflict

  • Use persuasion and negotiation to gain better outcomes from conflict
  • Define sources of workplace conflict
  • Master five techniques for dealing with difficult people

Communicating with Credibility

  • Enhance your image to help pursue specific goals
  • Strengthen your active listening skills
  • Manage your own emotions and detach from others’ emotions

Controlling Your Workday

  • Clarify priorities to include team goals
  • Set criteria to validate your risk/value priorities
  • Plan projects using The SMART Method
  • Solve urgency/importance dilemma
  • Eliminate your worst time wasters
  • Use task maps to control Multiloads

Putting Your Skills to Work

  • Improve your personal impact as you present proposals or plan negotiations
  • Try new tools for effective meeting management
  • Provide feedback to your colleagues

Mastering Change with Management Skills

  • Find Your Place on the Management Team
  • Empower Yourself to Achieve Growth
  • Discover What It Takes to Become a Change Master
  • Create a Blueprint for Managing Change
  • Handle Resistance to Change from Others

Fine-Tuning Your Team Skills

  • Identify Your Core Competencies, Including Leadership and Management Skills
  • Match Business Goals with Administrative Support Goals
  • Identify and Accommodate Other Team Member Styles
  • Map Your Management Team’s Priorities for the Year
  • Increase Your Administrative Effectiveness to Meet the Priorities
  • Understand Relationships on the Management Team

Controlling Your Workday

  • Clarify Your Priorities to Include Goals of Your Team
  • Set Criteria to Validate Your Risk/Value Priorities
  • Use the Time/Cost/Quality Triangle to Build a Persuasive Case
  • Plan Projects with SMART Charts
  • Solve Urgency/Importance Dilemma
  • Eliminate Your Worst 20% of Time Wasters
  • Use Task Maps to Control Multi-Loads

Communicating with Credibility

  • Communicate More Effectively by Managing Verbal and Nonverbal Behaviors
  • Enhance Your Image to Help in Pursuing Specific Goals
  • Strengthen Your Active Listening Skills
  • Use Key Cues to Manage Your Own Emotions and Detach from Others’ Emotions
  • Build Mutual Respect and Trust with Others

Dealing Productively with Conflict

  • Define the Sources of Conflict in Your Workplace
  • Choose the Appropriate Method to Handle Conflict
  • Master Five Techniques for Dealing with Difficult People

Putting Your Skills to Work

  • Try New Tools for Effective Meeting Management
  • Demonstrate Best-Practice Tools in Team Interactions
  • Improve Your Personal Impact as You Present Proposals or Plan Negotiations
  • Provide Feedback to Your Colleagues

Course Methodology

A variety of methodologies will be used during the course that includes:

  • (30%) Based on Case Studies
  • (30%) Techniques
  • (30%) Role Play
  • (10%) Concepts
  • Pre-test and Post-test
  • Variety of Learning Methods
  • Lectures
  • Case Studies and Self Questionaires
  • Group Work
  • Discussion
  • Presentation

Who should attend

Seasoned administrative professionals, including executive secretaries, administrative assistants, secretaries or other members of the administrative support staff who are striving to refine their management skills in order to enhance their careers and add to their organization's effectiveness.

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