Change management courses in Brussels, Belgium

Short executive courses on Change management

Antwerp Management School:
Digital Transformation: Strategy & Leadership
Information technology (IT) has become crucial in the support, sustainability and growth of enterprises. As a result, digital capabilities will increasingly determine which companies create value and which ones lose value. The masterclass “Digital Transformation: Strategy & Leadership”...
11 days
7927.1066 USD
Vlerick Business School Executive Education:
Mastering the Digital Supply Chain
Drive your organisation’s digital supply chain transformation This unique programme combines the expertise of one of Europe’s leading institutes of technology and one of its leading business schools. At Vlerick Business School, you’ll learn the very latest in smart supply chains and digital...
3 days
3652.5654 USD
Antwerp Management School:
Master Class Business Strategy & Leadership
Organizations today are faced with new forces in their competitive environment. Disruptive powers are at work, completely changing the known business dynamics. Boundaries between sectors are blurring. Traditional distribution channels and pipelines are being challenged. The emergence of new...
8 days
11585.7799 USD
Vlerick Business School Executive Education:
Creating Business Value With AI and Big Data
Using Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to support decision-making Your organisation wants to use Big Data analytics to support decision-making. But where do you start? Machine learning, natural language processing, robotics, cloud and modern data platforms… These new technologies can...
6 days
6701.458100000001 USD
Agile Leadership
As a Manager, how can you drive the transformation of your organization or team into an Agile mindset? Get starter Agile Leadership tools to implement Agile in your work, in your teams and your organization! Agile transformation needs support from the company’s leadership at different levels...
1 days
1158.5749 USD
Vlerick Business School Executive Education:
Growth Through Innovation
Disruption is becoming the new normal, and the pace of change increases every day. So how can you stay competitive? The answer is that companies have to create, innovate and roll out new business ideas at a rapid pace. But how do you manage this process to maintain and improve your current...
4 days
4994.0786 USD

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Rotterdam School of Management:
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