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Over 20 years of management experience in Digital, Organizational Development, Executive Learning and IT. Future pathfinder and travel companion in digital and non-digital transformation projects.Thought Leader on Co-Creationalism and Learning Ecosystems, Keynote Speaker and Digital Innovation Strategist specializing in creating human-centric platforms and organizational designs that foster agile transformations, risk-taking, experimentation and creative collaboration at scale.

She enables organizations to ask better and bigger questions about their future business models and collaboration styles that go beyond old-school command and control pyramids.

By following a 3-dimensional approach that includes leading-edge technology as well as people empowerment and organizational design she enables humans to balance ambidextric challenges and unleash hidden potentials. Including insights (and experts) from neuroscience, cognitive science, behavioral psychology and by applying agile methods that allow teams to tap into their unique creative potential. As a “translator” between old DNA and innovative spirit she builds bridges between multiple stakeholders inside and outside organizations.

Christina applies twenty years of experience as an innovation manager with a strong global background (and several roles) in fortune 100 companies - and as an entrepreneur.

With this professional background, combined with her drive to transform learning, social and connecting experiences, Christina offers an original perspective on the modern virtual- and real-life collaboration reality - and on the artificial intelligence movement with a human-centric flavour.

Her portfolio spans multiple showcases including large-scale global agile Transformations, state-of-the-art Innovation management, the Digital Human or HR Innovation.

Key Speaking Engagements around

  • Bridging the gap: How to overcome the fear of #AI and the future of work
  • Zombie Agility or Why Scrum, Design Thinking and a Kanban Board won't save us
  • Ambidextrie and the balance between effectivity and agility

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