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ILR School
Director, Western NY Labor and Environmental Programs


Arthur Wheaton is director of Western NY Labor and Environmental Programs for the Worker Institute at Cornell. His expertise includes industry education and workplace training, high performance work systems, negotiations and conflict resolution, as well as auto and aerospace industrial relations.

Prior to joining the ILR faculty in 1999, Art was with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he was project manager for the Labor Aerospace Research Agenda.
Previously, Art was a labor education specialist at Michigan State University. Art has served as executive board member and steward for the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, AFL-CIO in Michigan.

Author of numerous publications, Art earned a B.A. in multidisciplinary social science with a concentration in political science, history and economics at Michigan State University. He has an M.L.I.R. from the Michigan State School of Labor and Industrial Relations.

Teaching Statement

Art has taught Collective Bargaining, Negotiations, Organizational Change, Steward Training, Interest-Based Bargaining, Conflict Resolution, Communications, Costing Out a Contract, Internet Based Research for Unions, Running Effective Meetings, Crisis Management and Strategic Planning.

Service Statement

Art is Co-Chair of the Western NY Apollo Alliance, Treasurer and Board member for the Western NY Environmental Alliance and on the Cornell Online Learning Committee.

Outreach Statement

Art manages and teaches in the online labor studies credit certificate program and online labor leadership skills certificate program. Art also provides on-site training and education programs for unions and other organizations. In addition, Art teaches Renovation, Remodeling and Painting for the EPA RRP-Initial certificate.


Journal Articles

  • Arthur C Wheaton. 2013. Implications of the UAW-Detroit 3 Negotiations: An Industry-Related Perspective, Perspectives on Work LERA . Volume 16 Numbers 1-2(Summer 2012/Winter 2013):pps. 39-42.
  • Arthur C Wheaton. 2012. Reflections on a Changing China, Business and Economy . Business and Economy(Inside China A Cornell-IIPM Think Tank-B&E Joint Study):pps. 8-14 Cover Story.
  • Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld, Michio Nitta, Betty J Barrett, Nejib Belhedi, J Bullard, C Coutchie, Takashi Inaba, Iwao Ishino, S Lee, Wen-Jeng Lin, William M Mothersell, S Rabine, Shobha Ramanand, Mark E Strolle, Arthur C Wheaton. 1994. Japanese Team-Based Work Systems in North America: Explaining the Diversity, California Management Review . 37(1):42-64.


  • Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld, Michio Nitta, Betty J Barrett, Nejib Belhedi, Simon Sai-Chung Chow, Takashi Inaba, Iwao Ishino, Wen-Jeng Lin, Michael L Moore, William M Mothersell, Jennifer Palthe, Shobha Ramanand, Mark E Strolle, Arthur C Wheaton. 1998. Knowledge-Driven Work: Unexpected Lessons from Japanese and United States Work Practices. New York NY, United States: Oxford University Press, 1998.

Conference Proceedings

  • Arthur C Wheaton. 1996. Developments in Cross-Cultural Procedural Justice, Industrial Relations, and Human Resource Management. in Emerging Issues of Employment Proceedings. Taipei, Taiwan: International Industrial Relations Association 3rd Asian Regional Congress, 1996. (143-164)

Professional Activities

  • COLC 3rd Annual Meeting. Presented to COLC. Ithaca NY. 2017.
  • Costing Out a Contract for Collective Bargaining Class. Presented to Cornell University ILR School, Ariel Avgar''s class. Ives Hall, Ithaca. 2017.
  • Conflict Resolution Student Club. Presented to Scheinman Institute. Ithaca. 2017.
  • President Trump and Impact on Labor Organizing. Presented to Niagara Orleans Labor Council. Lewiston, NY. 2017.
  • Crisis Management. Presented to WNYCOSH. Erie County Department of Sewerage. 2017.
  • Big Red Invitational Classic, Mock Trial. Presented to Cornell University. Ives Hall. 2016.
  • EPA Lead Abatement Worker and Supervisor (hands on instructor). Presented to Worker Institute. Cornell in Buffalo. 2016.
  • Conflict Resolution. Presented to Amalgamated Transit Union . Calgaray, Alberta Canada. 2016.
  • Lead Awareness. Presented to Worker Institute and Erie County Department of Health. Cornell in Buffalo. 2016.
  • Home Energy Conservation Kits (HECK). Presented to WNY Apollo Alliance, Worker Institute. Black Rock Neighborhood Housing Service. 2016.
  • HECK Training and Orientation. Presented to Daemen College, WNY Apollo Alliance, Worker Institute. Daemen College. 2016.
  • Western New York Environmental Summit: The Power is You. Presented to WNY Apollo Alliance, Daemen College. Daemen College. 2016.
  • Scenario Planning and Disaster Management. Presented to EGAT and Lead Business School. Bangkok, Thailand. 2016.
  • Costing Out a Contract. Presented to CSUEU. Sacramento, California. 2016.
  • Negotiations. Presented to CSUEU. Sacramento, California. 2016.
  • RRP Initial. Presented to CEO. Cornell in Buffalo. 2016.
  • The Future of the auto industry in workers view. Presented to GERPISA. Puebla Mexico. 2016.
  • Affordable Care Act: Implications for Labor and Management at the Collective Bargaining Table. Presented to Cornell in Buffalo. Cornell in Buffalo. 2016.
  • Western New York Environmental Summit Planning. Presented to WNY Environmental Summit. D''Arcy Magees Buffalo NY. 2016.
  • Organizational Change. Presented to Cornell ILR School. Ithaca. 2016.
  • Organizational Change. Presented to Cornell ILR School. Ithaca. 2016.
  • Organizational Change. Presented to Cornell ILR School. Ithaca. 2016.
  • A Conversation about the Global Auto Industry and International Careers. Presented to CIBA 2nd Annual International Business Lecture Series. Ithaca, NY. 2015.
  • Cultural Transformation at General Motors, Lemoyne Alum at the Wheel of Change. Presented to Spring 2015 Madden Lecture Series, Lemoyne College. Lemoyne College. 2015.
  • A Decade of Progress: Sustainability Comes of Age in WNY. Presented to The Worker Institute, Daemen College, WNY Apollo Alliance. Daemen College. 2014.
  • Labor''s view of health care and negotiations With Dick Lipsitz Jr.. Presented to ILR. Ithaca. 2014.
  • Panel Discussion for Revenge of the Electric Car. Presented to Cornell University School of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Ithaca. 2013.
  • Sustainable Food Manufacturing. Presented to Daemen College, The Worker Institute, WNY Apollo Alliance. Amherst. 2013.
  • Indian Automotive Brands/Award Presentation. Presented to Planman Media. Las Vegas, Nevada. 2013.
  • Workers Memorial. Presented to Chautaqua County Workers Memorial. Frewsburg, NY. 2013.
  • Labor 101. Presented to Next UP WNY Area Labor Federation. United Way of Buffalo. 2013.
  • Conflict Management. Presented to CWA. Vernon Downs, NY. 2012.
  • Engaging the Community in Green Home Energy Conservation Kits. Presented to Troy Neighborhood Action Council. Russell Sage College, Troy, NY. 2012.
  • Western New York Apollo Alliance HECK Project. Presented to Apollo Alliance. Teleconference for National Apollo Alliance. 2011.
  • Health care bargaining. Presented to Cornell ILR. Ives Hall, Ithaca. 2011.
  • Labor Struggles in the News. Presented to Niagara-Orleans Central Labor Council. Lewiston, NY. 2011.
  • Taylor Law and Public Sector Bargaining. Presented to AFSCME Local 650. Buffalo City Hall. 2011.
  • United States Too Big to Fail Banking Sector Comments . Presented to European Foundation. Rome, Italy. 2010.
  • United States National Challenges and Recession in the Banking Sector. Presented to European Foundation . Rome, Italy. 2010.
  • Wind energy and good jobs. Presented to Buffalo Common Council. Buffalo City Hall. 2010.
  • Auto Industry restructuring GM case study. Presented to ILO. Tokyo, Japan. 2009.
  • Auto Industry restructuring GM case study. Presented to European Foundation Living and Working Conditions. Dublin, Ireland. 2009.
  • Auto Industry update with Harry Katz. Presented to Trustee Council. Ithaca. 2009.
  • Teaching online. Presented to UALE. Washington D.C.. 2009.

### Areas of Expertise

Adult learning


Alternative dispute resolution

Art, media, entertainment


Change and development

Collective Bargaining


Community problem solving

Conflict Resolution

Continuous improvement

Contract administration

Contract negotiations

Crisis management

Distance and Online Learning

Education and workforce preparedness

Employee Relations

Health Care Industry

High Performance Work Systems

Industry Studies

Interest-based negotiations

International and Comparative Workplace Studies

Labor and society

Labor in Europe and the U.S.

Labor relations

Labor-management cooperation


Personal skills

Problem solving

Public Sector

Technology and work

Training and Development

Union leadership


Work Teams/Work Process Redesign

Other Areas of Expertise

Industry Education, Workplace Training, Auto and Aerospace Industrial Relations

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