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Oct 14, 2020—Oct 1, 2021
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Evanston, Illinois, United States
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About the course

This four-part, strategically paced program, emphasizes practical learning and focuses on talent development. High-potential women executives will be equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to elevate themselves to the C-suite and beyond.

In a supportive and highly collaborative atmosphere, an impressive roster of top Kellogg faculty and corporate experts guide you through a rigorous program of intensive classroom instruction, individual career appraisals, personal coaching, case studies and simulations. Every element of the program is focused on strengthening and broadening your leadership talents and delivering positive results for your organization.

Four Sessions, One Goal: Revolutionize Your Career

The program’s structure — four three-day sessions spread over 12 months — allows you the time and opportunity to learn and test new ideas collaboratively, receive real-time constructive feedback from faculty and peers and build relationships that will last a lifetime. During the program, you will:

  • Gain the insights and skills you need to move purposefully toward the highest levels of corporate leadership
  • Expand your understanding of leadership with research-based insights from world-renowned Kellogg faculty
  • Prepare to take on the challenges that every senior leader must face with practical guidance from seasoned corporate leaders

Key Benefits

The Kellogg Center for Executive Women and The Allstate Foundation developed the Women’s Senior Leadership Program to help talented female executives break through barriers that have historically impeded women’s career development, as well as to empower those who participate to become respected and highly effective leaders.

As a participant, you will gain the insights and skills you need to move purposefully toward the highest levels of corporate leadership. With research-based teaching from world-renowned Kellogg faculty and practical guidance from seasoned corporate leaders, you and your fellow program participants will expand your understandings of leadership and prepare to take on the challenges that every senior leader must face.

For sponsoring organizations, this program equips and inspires the kind of leaders required to ensure your company’s future success. By investing in your high-potential staff members, you not only enhance their leadership skills but also send a clear message that you believe in them and support their career advancement. Your investment in their development will help you retain your best and brightest and will pay substantial, long-term dividends.


Four Sessions, One Goal: Revolutionize Your Career

The structure of the Women’s Senior Leadership Program — four three-day sessions spread over 12 months — allows participants time and opportunity to build relationships, learn and test new ideas collaboratively and receive all-important, constructive feedback from faculty and peers. The program focuses on four key areas divided across its sessions. Each session is geared toward different strategies and skills that will produce immediate results as well as help to achieve long-term success for your company and yourself.

Session 1: Gather Intelligence

  • Learn how to create and use networks as a source of intelligence and power
  • Explore how to make effective decisions and sharpen your influence
  • Launch the program’s 360° assessment and development tool and complete the self- and peer-evaluation components

Session 2: Create a Context for Success

  • Polish your negotiation skills and learn how to better motivate staff
  • Examine the importance of and techniques for confident self-promotion
  • Review the results of your 360° assessment with personalized feedback from a professional coach
  • Begin to formulate your action plan for career advancement

Session 3: Drive Results

  • Get hands-on experience in addressing these questions
  • Practice and receive feedback on interpersonal and presentation skills
  • Bolster your ability to deal with internal politics and address the ethical challenges of today’s business environment

Session 4: Manage External Forces

  • Learn to deal with external constituents, including stakeholders, Wall Street and the investment community
  • Explore how to use a board of directors to your advantage
  • Revisit the results of your 360° assessment, evaluate progress over the past months and craft plans to sustain future growth

Leadership Tool

360° Assessment & Development: Define and Maximize Your Leadership Style

A key component of the program, the 360° assessment and development tool will help you identify and leverage your strengths, avoid pitfalls and missteps, create personal development plans and prepare to make an immediate and measurable impact in your organization. This tool has been developed especially for the Women’s Senior Leadership Program and has several distinct advantages over other self-assessments you may know:

  • The feedback serves for learning purposes only, keeping it free of internal political biases that often affect appraisals done within a company.
  • The perspective is specific to the experience of female executives, paying close attention to the differences and challenges you face in the business world.
  • The personalized feedback sessions are augmented with program content customized to each group’s needs based on their collective feedback.
  • One-on-one check-ins with professional leadership consultants during each of the program’s four sessions allow you to set specific development goals and evaluate your personal progress over the course of the entire year.

Who should attend

Corporate officers and other similar-level female executives who already have extensive functional skills and want to hone the other leadership capabilities necessary for securing a position at the very highest levels of an organization.

Trust the experts

Michelle Buck

Michelle Buck is Clinical Professor of Leadership at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.  She has previously served as the School's first Director of Leadership Initiatives from 2006 to 2013, designing and coordinating opportunities for personal leadership development to ...


Victoria Medvec

Dr. Victoria Medvec is the Adeline Barry Davee Professor of Management and Organizations at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.  In addition, Dr. Medvec is a co-founder and the Executive Director of the Center for Executive Women at the Kellogg School and the CEO of Medve...


Mitchell Petersen

Mitchell Petersen is the Glen Vasel Professor of Finance. He has published widely in finance and economics. Professor Petersen's research is in the area of empirical corporate finance: the questions of how firms evaluate potential investment projects and how they fund such projects. His recent wr...


Leigh Thompson

Leigh Thompson is the J. Jay Gerber Professor of Dispute Resolution & Organizations in the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. She is the director of the Kellogg Team and Group Research Center, the Kellogg Leading High Impact Teams Executive program, and co-director of th...


Brian Uzzi

Brian Uzzi is a globally recognized scientist, teacher, consultant and speaker on leadership, social networks, and big data. He is the Richard L. Thomas Professor of Leadership and Organizational Change at the Kellogg School of Management, and professor of sociology and professor of engineering a...


Sergio Rebelo

Sergio Rebelo is the Tokai Bank Chair in International Finance at the Kellogg School of Management, where he has served as Chair of the Finance Department. Professor Rebelo does research on macroeconomics and international finance. He has studied the causes of business cycles, the impact of econ...


Timothy Feddersen

Professor Timothy Feddersen joined the faculty at the Kellogg School of Management in 1995. He is the Wendell Hobbs Professor of Managerial Politics. Professor Feddersen's research centers on the manner in which elections aggregate dispersed information; the linkage between information and partic...


Ginger Graham

Ginger Graham teaches a course in entrepreneurship at the Harvard Business School and consults to first-time CEO’s in the areas of leadership, strategy, board-effectiveness, and organization building. She is the former President and Chief Executive Officer of Amylin Pharmaceuticals, a biopharmace...


Kenneth Taylor

Ken Taylor is the founder and CEO of Director Search and Taylor Meyer Associates. He is a trusted global advisor to boards, CEOs and senior leadership teams on matters relating to: Board composition; Director and CEO succession planning and recruitment; and senior leadership team recruitment. Fro...


Karen Van Camp

Karen S. Van Camp is Senior Lecturer of Communications at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, where she has taught verbal presentations and persuasion since 1990. She also taught at Northwestern’s Communication Studies undergraduate programs from 1986-1994. Van Camp is a verb...


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