Black Leaders Program

Stanford Graduate School of Business

Stanford Graduate School of Business


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Who should attend

  • Black leaders preparing to take on increasing levels of responsibility and challenge as they move into more senior leadership/management roles
  • Directors and senior-level leaders in functional roles
  • High potential, mid-career talent with established track records and significant managerial responsibility
  • Individuals who are interested in advancing Black leadership in business

About the course

Transform your leadership, build community, and explore the complexities of showing up authentically in this unique program for Black leaders.

Live Online Program

Community and capabilities. Black Leaders Program strengthens both. This two-week intensive live online leadership program creates the space and support to help you delve into the challenges and opportunities of being a Black leader today. Through reflection and connection with people who share similar experiences, you will create a meaningful network to guide you on your leadership journey.

This is a leadership program unlike any other. Yes, you’ll gain valuable skills and insights from faculty to bring back to your organization. But it’s about much more than that. It’s about expanding the way you see the world, personally and professionally — so you can change it.

Through real-time, faculty-led lectures, small-group exercises, guest speakers, and facilitated conversations, you’ll enhance your leadership capability. You’ll learn to more effectively manage power, influence others even when you don’t have formal authority, and communicate more effectively. You’ll explore the tensions between your identity and the social and institutional barriers that could block your future success. Most important, you’ll gain new skills, insights, and approaches to grow as a leader. And you’ll put all that learning into action by working on a capstone project — a personal career advancement project that kicks off during the live online sessions and continues for several months with small-group coaching and feedback from peers.

Black Leaders Program is a learning journey of action, shared experience, growth, and transformation.

Key Benefits

Reflect, share, and learn how to lead with authenticity as a Black professional.

  • Discover leadership strategies to get where you want to go and develop self-awareness to succeed along the way
  • Have honest conversations about Black identity in the workplace and barriers to success
  • Learn how to manage power more effectively — up and down the corporate ladder
  • Build a productive and meaningful network you can leverage throughout your career
  • Develop communication skills to lead with courage and compassion.
  • Participate in a capstone project to reach your career advancement goals


How do you understand and manage people’s perceptions of you? How do you talk across differences?

Leadership requires exceptional skills — from critical analysis and communication to self-awareness, interpersonal acumen, and situational awareness. Being a leader also requires humility, curiosity, compassion, and courage. The Black Leaders Program curriculum helps you discover and develop these skills and values.

Black Leaders Program Live Online has developed a highly-specialized curriculum — all optimized for a virtual environment. Explore perceptions of identity, learn how to use your power, and transform your leadership skills and career trajectory. Sessions focus on the issues of race and leadership, power and relationships, communication, and cultivating networks to help Black leaders address the most critical and complicated issues you may face in the workplace.

In our live online classroom you will:

  • Engage directly with world-renowned faculty through real-time lectures, Q&A, and office hours
  • Collaborate and connect with other Black leaders through discussions and small group exercises

The program also includes a capstone project where you:

  • Identify career advancement goals and develop and refine your action plan during the live online sessions
  • Work in self-directed small groups from September - November for feedback, coaching and accountability
  • Gather as a class in a culminating live online session with faculty director and peers to share and celebrate your progress

Program Highlights

Authentic Leadership: Presence and Identity

Successful leadership in today’s fast-changing and challenging environments requires leaders who are intentional about developing their leadership competencies, clearly articulating their values, and successful at building their personal support systems. In our first session, we will focus on self-awareness, interpersonal acumen, and situational awareness. In our second session, we will explore components of leadership in the context of race and identity. Together we will take a look at and discuss hierarchy across societies and intergroup interactions and work.

Acting with Power

This session combines insights from psychological research and theater practice to explore how power and status play a role in most social and professional interactions. We will discuss how power is decoded and performed. In the process, this session will allow participants to explore their comfort with playing high vs. low power, to consider the associations they have with power, and to question the potential tension between behaving authentically and acting in ways that best serve their group and values.

Getting More of What You Want

Everyone negotiates. Yet many people ignore daily opportunities to improve the status quo for themselves, their teams, and their organizations. Rethinking negotiation as problem-solving, this session will explore how to expand the opportunities to create and claim value in everyday interactions as well as in those rare, high-value interactions.


Brian Lowery

Research Statement Professor Lowery's research seeks to extend knowledge of individuals' experience of inequality and fairness. His work suggests that individuals distinguish between inequalities framed as advantage as opposed to disadvantage. This finding affects how individuals perceive inequal...

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Black Leaders Program at Stanford Graduate School of Business

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

Full disclaimer.

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