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Leadership at the Peak

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Leadership at the Peak

Next dates

Jun 3—7
5 days
Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States
USD 12200
USD 2440 per day
Jun 24—28
5 days
Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States
USD 12200
USD 2440 per day
Jul 1—5
5 days
Arosa, Switzerland
EUR 11000 ≈USD 12368
EUR 2200 per day
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The Leadership at the Peak program focuses on the fact that it’s different at the top. The Center for Creative Leadership (CCL®) understands that leading an organization is a powerful — and humbling — experience. Top leaders play an enormous role in the success of organizations. And, they need to excel in new ways. The challenges of leadership at the top are far-reaching, complex and essential to get right

What Do Participants Learn?

Top leaders gain a clear view of their impact on the organization and:

  • Develop clear action plans for organizational challenges & priorities.
  • Clarify organizational vision.
  • Explore their leadership effectiveness, within the organization & in comparison to other senior executives.
  • Improve external influence skills with boards, shareholders, partners & critical stakeholders.
  • Enhance executive image & communication skills.
  • Learn to balance & sustain their own energy

What Are the Challenges Addressed?

  • Business operations: the heart of all other challenges.
  • Strategic issues: setting & realizing vision, direction & goals.
  • Managing change: day-to-day & long-term.
  • Leading across levels, silos, cultures, backgrounds & interests.
  • Talent management: ensuring the current & future talent pipeline.
  • Individual impact: understanding & adjusting leadership style

What Will the Program Experience Include?

The program has a 3-phased approach:


Comprehensive pre-program activities include:

  • Web-based assessment surveys, completed by participant, direct reports, peers & superiors.
  • Program faculty exchanges to address any questions.
  • Preparation of factual questions for


For five days, participants are immersed in data, activities and conversation that lead to insight and new skills.

  • Highly relevant, research-based content to expand knowledge & address essential challenges.
  • Experiential activities to add depth to feedback & key ideas.
  • Media interview to assess executive image & presence.
  • Health and fitness assessment and daily activities.
  • A half-day personal session with CCL executive coach integrating the experience & plan next steps.
  • Opportunities to provide connections, ideas & support.
  • Digital access to all materials & resources.


Participants apply & sustain their learning by using this ongoing support:

  • Two, one-hour phone coaching sessions with their CCL coach.
  • An assessment completed 3 months after program to measure skills & behavior progress.
  • Optional, fee-based fitness or media and executive presence coaching.
  • Optional, fee-based learning & support, such as extended coaching engagements, additional eLearning packages & custom initiatives.

Who should attend

  • C-level & senior executives in the top three tiers of the organization.
  • More than 15 years of management experience & leadership responsibility for 500+ people.

Admission is by application.


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Detailed Description
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