The Manager's Toolkit – Essential Skills to Successfully Lead and Manage Others

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About the course

Employees who are deservingly promoted into managerial positions because they do well in their current jobs often need additional support and better preparation if they're to successfully manage and/or lead others. In order to be successful and ensure the productivity of the people they supervise, managers need to develop a critical set of skills related to performance management, motivation, team development, communication, delegation and priority management skills. This session will focus on equipping managers with the knowledge and tools they need to effectively manage people and increase productivity in their areas of responsibility. Participants will explore basic managerial concepts, discuss common situations and challenges, and learn how to apply specific strategies and tools to successfully manage people.

Time Allocation - Topics

  • 10% Manage self and team through leadership techniques
  • 5% Mini Case Study: Custom for the audience
  • 10% Motivate through goal and metric setting
  • 10% Class Exercise: Goal and metric setting
  • 10% Convey the most important information through effective communication and meeting management
  • 10% Select the most critical work through project prioritization
  • 5% Class Exercise: Prioritization criteria
  • 10% Empower through effective delegation
  • 5% Class Exercise: Task delegation
  • 10% Provide tools for proper project execution
  • 10% Ensure accountability by monitoring progress through metrics
  • 5% Class Exercise: Determine immediate next steps: What actions you will stop, start and continue?


  • Primary -- LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: Leadership Development, Adaptability, Creativeness, Communication, Initiative.
  • Secondary -- PLANNING/ORGANIZING: Decision Making, Delegation

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Available dates

This course has no confirmed dates in the future. Subscribe to be notified when it is offered.