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The King's Fund

Personal Impact and Influence

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About the course

This programme will help you increase your self-awareness and understand your personal impact and influence. You will develop the flexibility to adapt your behaviour in challenging situations, rather than reacting out of habit.

How will you benefit from this programme?

This programme is not about learning a set of rules on how to behave. It is about understanding the difference between your intent and your impact and developing the ability to apply positive influencing behaviours.

As a result of becoming more aware of your own impact, and your own and others’ perspectives, you will be able to communicate and lead more effectively. By understanding positive influencing behaviours, you will influence with confidence and increase your impact on others.

You will develop your ability to work effectively with colleagues in high-pressure situations and strengthen working relationships while meeting your objectives.

What will you do on this programme?

This is a highly interactive and experiential programme which will offer you the opportunity to:

  • develop a deeper understanding of how your habitual responses have built up over time
  • explore and define the effect your behaviour as a leader has on others
  • experiment with connections between body language, voice control and mindset in creating a positive leadership impact
  • discover how effective you could be by exploring the gap between the intention and impact of your leadership and influencing behaviours
  • plan influencing strategies and respond when you are on the receiving end of challenging behaviours
  • explore how to increase your impact and influence within and beyond your formal role
  • create your own personal vision and action plan as a leader
  • experiment with different techniques and approaches in a safe and supportive environment.

Who should attend

This programme is particularly useful for professionals across health, social care and the voluntary sector who want to increase their leadership impact and influence. You might be a:

  • clinician in the NHS, independent or social care sectors
  • head of service or department
  • consultant or doctor leading a service or clinical team
  • manager in the NHS, independent or social care system.

You may be leading teams or working across services and systems and using your influence to achieve change.

Trust the experts

Deborah Homa

Deborah is part of the leadership and organisational development team and has more than 20 years’ experience in the health care sector. For the past 10 years, she has worked as a consultant and strategic adviser to NHS organisations and boards, most recently as a partner in an international consu...


Sue Hills

Sue joined The King’s Fund in 2014 in a new role and leads the design and delivery of the Fund''s internal people and organisation development strategies. She has 26 years’ experience in the health system and began her career as a clinician before moving into service management, specifically the...


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