Cranfield School of Management

Available dates

Jun 8—9, 2020
2 days
Cranfield, United Kingdom
GBP 2400 ≈USD 3247
GBP 1200 per day


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About the course

As you begin to manage at a higher level in organisations, your everyday personal presence becomes ever more significant and important.

Being able to consciously create and sustain a positive, powerful impression from the moment you enter a room is the starting point for generating influence. By heightening your credibility you will receive more confidence in you as a person, greater commitment to your views and stronger engagement with your ideas: long after you have left the room.

This programme is designed to lift you out of your day-to-day default style of personal ‘performance’ and instead develop your skills in operating in a zone of high impact and influence. Using the range of environments and contexts in which you operate as a starting point, we will give you tools, strategies and methods for increasing your presence and level of engagement with others.

What you will learn

  • Understand how to use different tactics for influencing in person and in different environments
  • Communicate your messages with greater clarity, confidence and purpose
  • Maintain inner confidence under pressure
  • Be authentic with your personal impact and influence
  • Create and sustain your own Action Focus Plan.

Core content

  • Engage and influence others
  • Understand and practice authentic presence
  • Create clear intentions for successful communication in conversations, meetings, presentations and other critical communications
  • Understand how to prepare for impact and influence in different environments
  • Recognise resources that will support you to be at your best in challenging contexts
  • Build confidence to think on your feet
  • Understand and practice goal setting and action planning.

Who should attend

Middle and senior managers who:

  • Are already managing people but requiring assistance to translate their success as a team manager with greater influence across networks
  • Find themselves increasingly involved in cross functional projects or approaches where they need greater influence
  • Are working under pressure and need help project the right credibility while handling challenging demands.

Trust the experts

Diana Theodores

Contact Diana Theodores Background Diana Theodores is an Associate at The Praxis Centre for Leadership Development, Cranfield School of Management. She is a joint Programme Director for the Beyond Presentations: Speaking to Inspire and Impact and Influence open programmes and is also a Visiting...


Josie Sutcliffe

Contact Josie Sutcliffe Background Josie Sutcliffe is an Associate at The Praxis Centre, Cranfield School of Management and is joint Programme Director for the Beyond Presentations Speaking to Inspire and Impact and Influence programmes.  She also facilitates programmes in Leadership Developmen...


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