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About the course

The media landscape today is different and perhaps, more challenging. Besides the traditional media, organisations have to understand and work with the digital and social media.

The media is an important tool through which organisations could influence public opinion and key stakeholders. Knowing how to engage and work effectively with the media is thus a critical skill. One must not only be familiar with the various tools of media engagement but must also understand the media’s agenda and interests especially in a crisis.


This course aims to provide a good understanding of media management and the practical skills to handle the media effectively especially during a crisis.


The course will be a highly interactive programme. The course will cover the core contents through lectures, case discussions and role plays: It will also cover the practical skills with hands-on practice sessions, including role plays and practice sessions covering:

  • Interview techniques and how to work with the media;
  • Understanding the media’s angle and agenda; and
  • Crafting effective and targeted replies, bearing in mind the key messages.

Day One

Understanding the Media

  • Introduction to Public Relations and Public Opinion
  • Introduction to Media Relations and the Singapore media landscape
  • How the traditional media operates
  • How the digital and social media works
  • Understanding the media’s interest and angles
  • Cultivating and building media relationship
  • Communicating with the media
  • Tools and tactics of media communications
  • Getting Your Messages Right
  • Role of the Spokesperson
  • Writing for the media

Day Two

Managing the media

  • Media Interviews – the dos and don’ts of media interviews, control techniques, transition techniques, bridging techniques
  • Press Conferences – when to call for a press conference and how to manage a press conference effectively
  • Handling challenging media queries
  • Principles of crisis communications
  • Managing the media response during a crisis
  • Dealing with the social media

Practice sessions

  • Mock interviews
  • Case study on a media issue for group discussion

Who should attend

Executive programme for mid-level corporate communications and PR practitioners.

Trust the experts

Krishnasamy Bhavani

Krishnasamy Bhavani is the former Director of Emergency Preparedness in the Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts (MICA). Prior to this appointment, she was the Director of Public Communications (2008-Jul 2011) and Director of Corporate Communications and the Press Secretary to the...


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