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Leading for Organizational Impact: the Looking Glass Experience

Available dates

Dec 16—20, 2019
5 days
San Diego, California, United States
USD 8200
USD 1640 per day
Jan 6—10, 2020
5 days
San Diego, California, United States
USD 8200
USD 1640 per day
Jan 13—17, 2020
5 days
Greensboro, North Carolina, United States
USD 8200
USD 1640 per day
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About the course

Leading for Organizational Impact: The Looking Glass Experience provides insight into leading within an organization. When leaders of departments and divisions see challenges and opportunities through the eyes of others, it impacts their individual expertise. A narrow focus is useful in the tactical responsibilities of a specialist, but leaders of functions must see the nuances and the whole picture of an organization’s overall mission to be strategically effective. Navigating diverse global trends, unpredictable economic forces, and rapidly-changing business cycles demand a new set of skills.

What Do Participants Learn?

As a result of attending this program, participants will acquire the ability to:

  • Balance tactical concerns with strategic priorities to improve decision-making.
  • Navigate the organization as their leadership responsibilities increase.
  • Work more effectively across boundaries to build strategic ties & gain new perspectives.
  • Draw on a deeper self-awareness to leverage leadership & boost personal resilience.
  • Identify the behaviors required to inspire others & align people to organizational outcomes.

What Are the Challenges Addressed?

The challenges are immense. Participants in the program will reflect on organizational challenges involving one or more of the following:

  • How to be organizationally agile with strategy, people, processes, & systems across the organization.
  • How to strengthen & deepen relationships to bridge differences & build strategic ties.
  • How to balance competing priorities when all are important & personal reserves are slim.

Why Choose the Leading for Organizational Impact Program?

  • A powerful, proven global business simulation — Looking Glass, Inc. — is at the heart of the program and provides hands-on learning & skill practice.
  • Customized 360-degree assessment offers personalized feedback for each participant.
  • Research-based content focuses on the issues that matter most.
  • Offered globally over 30 sessions a year.
  • After-program assessment & coaching ensure development continues.

What Should a Participant Expect?

The program has a 3-phased approach:


Before the program week, participants, plus selected direct reports, peers, and superiors, complete several pre-program web-based assessments that:

  • Give a detailed picture of the 13 leadership competencies needed to succeed at this level.
  • Depict behaviors, preferences, & patterns.
  • Identify & clarify development needs.
  • Establish a foundation for significant personal & professional growth.

Also as part of the program pre-work, participants answer an open-ended question about their most critical leadership challenges. Participants will then apply their learning to these challenges during the program.


The program addresses key challenges faced by senior leaders through a personalized leadership experience. Participants gain insights and experiences that challenge, inspire and teach. The week includes:

  • Highly relevant, research-based content to improve skills & knowledge.
  • A global business simulation for practice & deeper learning.
  • A comprehensive ten-hour facilitated debrief process providing powerful feedback to each person.
  • In-depth faculty feedback to clarify thinking & plan next steps.
  • Peer feedback & learning to provide insight, suggestions, & support.
  • Extensive networking to meet peers & make lasting connections.
  • Translation of learning to goals, action plans & application.


Participants apply & sustain their learning by using the following ongoing support:

  • A post-program assessment to measure goal progress & reinforce new behaviors, completed three months after the program.
  • An online portal with resources and support tailored to individual development needs.
  • Optional, fee-based learning & support is available through coaching engagements or custom initiatives to connect individual development to organizational needs.

Who should attend

Executives in charge of functions, divisions or business units in large organizations.

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