Facilitating Change Through Effective Communications

Oxford Management Centre

Oxford Management Centre


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Who should attend

This Oxford training course is suitable to a wide range of professionals in communication and marketing but will greatly benefit:

  • Public Relations / Public Affairs / Marketing Officers &or Managers
  • Corporate Communications Practitioners &or Managers &or Team Leads
  • Communications Champions / Activators

About the course

This Oxford training seminar on Guiding Change Through Corporate Communications Seminar provides an opportunity for the Communications Practitioner to re-calibrate and define a different path towards achieving effective corporate communications in a world of rapid change. It forces a rethink of how to align purpose with outcome using the myriad channels available in this connected world.

Module One, Mastering Corporate Communications is designed to renew the Practitioner’s tool kit and upgrade the range of skills needed to win the communications battle. The worlds of Public Relations, Corporate Communications and Marketing have collided to create new and different operating norms with new rules and roles. It is therefore imperative that practitioners in the communications space rethink their approach to Public Relations, Corporate Communications and Marketing.

Module Two, Corporate Communications Redefined! will help practitioners align communications strategy to organizational imperatives and move from focussing on tactics to developing and implementation communications strategy. It will take the practitioner along the journey from research and planning to programme implementation while recognizing the importance of corporate communications in delivering on corporate objectives.

The highlights of the 10-day Oxford training course are as follows:

  • The New Rules of Marketing and Communications
  • The Use of Social Media to Reach Specific Target Audiences
  • How to Create Content that Sticks
  • Aligning Communications and Organizational Goals
  • Identifying and Strengthening Internal Gaps
  • Measurement and Evaluation
  • Designing the Next Iteration

The training seminar is split into two modules:

  • MODULE I - Mastering Corporate Communications
  • MODULE II -Corporate Communications Redefined

Each module is structured and can be taken as a stand-alone training course; however, delegates will maximise their benefits by taking Module 1 and 2 back-to-back as a two-weeks training course.


The objectives of this Oxford training programme are:

  • To provide participants with the tools to align audiences with media and messages
  • To help participants seamlessly merge traditional and new media strategies and tactics
  • To sharpen the focus on Strategic Communications as a corporate enabler
  • To help participants tweak their “Big Picture” strategies.
  • To help participants re-position their Future Strategy and Implementation

Training Methodology

It is widely accepted that adult learners move from being subject centred to being problem centred. As a result, the methodologies to be utilized in this intervention will include: lecturettes; case studies via written submissions, podcasts or video; role plays; journaling and reflective reports.

Activities will also be biased towards experimentation and analyses of live cases and therefore rely heavily on activity based group work. A key component of this learning experience will be the sharing of experiences to highlight the collective knowledge of the room.

Organisational Impact

  • Practitioners who can maximize communication spend using convergence as the methodology
  • Practitioners who can drive communication targeting strategies
  • Richer access to social media and traditional content
  • Strengthened internal and external alignment between strategy and communications
  • Improved ability to micro target your communications
  • Achieve a greater understanding of measurable outcomes
  • Improved decision making
  • Expanded network of communication professionals with whom the company may associate

Personal Impact

  • Greater understanding of the use of convergence as new communication strategy
  • Improved ability to target specific audiences and assess outcomes
  • Greater understanding of how to improve social media presence
  • Improved level of confidence to “break-in” to Media outlets
  • Greater understanding of how to align Strategic Communications to corporate objectives
  • Greater comfort with Measurement and Evaluation as a corporate tool
  • Improved understanding of how to target specific audiences and assess outcomes
  • Improved ability to take advantage of cross functional communications objectives

Course Outline

Module One - Mastering Corporate Communications: Implementing New Rules of Communications

Day 1 The New Rules of Marketing and Communications

  • New Rules or Old Wine in a New Bottle
  • The Online World as a New Space
  • Public Relations, Communications and Marketing in Today’s World
  • Convergence of Publications and Marketing
  • Retraining for a New Order

Day 2 Audience Centred Stakeholder Mapping

  • Empathy and Audiences
  • The New Consumption Ethos
  • Connecting with Stakeholders
  • Personalizing Your Messages
  • Leading Your Audience

Day 3 Convergence of Social and Traditional Media

  • Segmenting Your Offering
  • Encouraging the Evangelist to Tell Your Story
  • Bloggers and Blogging
  • Is Podcasting for You!
  • Pictures as Stories

Day 4 Create Content that Sticks

  • The Pillars of your Content
  • Deciding your Look and Feel
  • Simplifying Videography
  • Podcasting as Marketing
  • Image Convergence

Day 5 Writing with the Audience and Medium in Mind

  • Thinking and Writing in sound bites
  • Website Writing
  • Audience as Bloggers
  • News Rules, New Approaches, New Outcomes

Module Two: Corporate Communications Redefined: The Dance between Corporate and Strategic Communications

Day 6 Aligning Communications and Organizational Strategy

  • What’s our WHY?
  • Issues, Risks & Crisis Evaluation
  • The Competitive Environment
  • Integrating the Communications Spend
  • Alignment of the Communications Strategy

Day 7 Identifying and Strengthening Internal Gaps

  • Rethinking the Internal Mandate
  • Reducing the Gaps
  • Cross Cutting Implementation Strategies
  • The Communications Plan
  • Taking Stock of Performance

Day 8 Implementation Strategy

  • Developing the Master Plan
  • Matching Scenarios to Audiences
  • Prototyping the Solutions
  • The Socializing Process
  • Audience Centred Engagement Strategies

Day 9 Measurement and Evaluation

  • Identifying the Needles to Move
  • Back of the Envelope Evaluation
  • Deep Dive Evaluation
  • Strategy Driven by Feedback
  • Assessing the Impact

Day 10 Designing the Next Iteration

  • Developing the Message Strategy
  • Identifying an Adoption Strategy
  • Aligning with Change Makers
  • Building in Flexibility
  • Key Take Aways

Facilitating Change Through Effective Communications at Oxford Management Centre

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

Full disclaimer.

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