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The UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School

Diploma in Advanced Business & Executive Coaching

Apr 2, 2020—Jan 22, 2021
12 daysModules info
Dublin, Ireland
EUR 9225 ≈USD 10279
EUR 768 per day

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This unique part-time, fully-accredited diploma programme is designed for experienced coaches looking to take their coaching to the next level. It focuses on the psychological dimension of coaching, developing participants ’ability to “raise coachee’s awareness of their ingrained patterns of behaviour”, the most important quality required of coaches by sponsors in large organisations (Ridler Report 2013).

A key feature is the focus on personal development, rooted in the firm belief that it is vital for participants to have personal experience of challenging their own ingrained patterns of behaviour as a basis for working effectively with clients.

The combination of theory, practice, personal and professional development transforms participants’ ability to work more deeply and effectively with their clients.



Understanding the importance of the coaching relationship and the “core conditions” of empathy, congruence and unconditional positive regard.


Gain an understanding of the importance of awareness, the here-and-now, the “Cycle of Awareness” and strategic and intimate interventions.


Understand Attachment Theory – the unconscious processes in coaching, including transference and psychological defences.


Identify and work with different ‘egostates’ as they exist within the person and their impact in communication between people.


Understand the powerful impact of wider systems on individual and group behaviours, and the significance of this for key subjects such as leadership and organisational dynamics.


Understand the place of meaning and purpose in people’s lives and working with the tension of being ‘true to self and true to others’ for clients in organisations.

Programme Benefits

This programme will add significant value to the practice of both independent coaches and internal coaches operating within organisations.

  • Utilise a wide range of psychological perspectives to enhance coaching practice, offering new ways to understand clients and what is happening during sessions;
  • Gain a much deeper understanding of ingrained patterns of behaviour which can be utilised with coaches and for the benefit of other professional and personal relationships;
  • Gain a sound understanding of six psychological traditions of particular relevance to business and executive coaching and the ability to apply this knowledge to the benefit of clients;
  • Undertake significant personal development through the highly experiential nature of the training, which is underpinned by Gestalt principles of working with ‘what is’ in the here and now.

Programme Structure

This programme is delivered over a series of 12 days involving 6 workshops within a 10-12 month period. 100% attendance is required. A different theme or psychological perspective is introduced at each workshop. Workshops include theoretical input from faculty with ample opportunity for participants to discuss and share thoughts, ideas and experiences, making for a rich learning experience. The learning is supplemented by observed coach practice and feedback. A further component of the programme is the ‘experiential group’ – a unique environment where participants practice the challenging art of relating authentically with one another, through a coaching lens.

Who should attend

  • Business coaches seeking to develop their theoretical understanding of, and capability to work with, the psychological aspects of coaching;
  • HR Directors/Training/OD Consultants with a coaching background looking to expand their knowledge and skills in the psychological aspects of coaching;
  • Line Managers with coaching backgrounds wishing to enhance their capacity to work with the psychological aspects of coaching;
  • Retiring executives with a coaching background aiming to expand their portfolio of consultancy by working with the psychological aspects of coaching.


Jenny works as a freelance trainer, therapist, coach and supervisor. She is a trainer on the Supervision course and the Postgraduate Diploma in Coaching Psychology run jointly with PB Coaching and Leeds Metropolitan University and on the Diploma in Advanced Business and Executive Coaching at UCD ...
Geoff brings to coaching many years of experience as a counsellor and psychotherapist, enabling him to work effectively with the psychological aspect of coaching. This aspect has proved to be particularly valuable on training courses, where he assists delegates to develop their theoretical unders...


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Detailed Description

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Apr 2, 2020—Jan 22, 2021
12 daysModules info
Dublin, Ireland
EUR 9225 ≈USD 10279
EUR 768 per day

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