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About the course

Delivered in partnership with The Humphrey Group Inc. exclusively for senior leaders, this program focuses on the strong links between leadership and communication at the highest organizational levels. Apply an inspirational leadership approach that will enable you to drive people to action every time you write or speak. Navigate the complex political environments that are today’s organizations, build effective networks, and nurture relationships that are important to your success.


  • Script yourself with clear, compelling and well-developed messages that reflect your leadership thinking
  • Speak with vision and a logical structure that drives home your points
  • Strengthen people’s belief in your message and commitment to action
  • Sharpen your ability to think quickly and speak confidently under pressure
  • Hold your own and be heard at the executive table
  • Project a polished executive presence in both prepared and impromptu situations
  • Answer questions confidently, while furthering your leadership agenda
  • Navigate the power dynamics at play within your organization
  • Develop critical relationships and networks

Program content

  • Leading at senior levels: identifying your deeply held convictions, shifting from an informational "expert" mindset to that of an influential leader
  • Using The Leader’s Script®: articulating a core message that reflects your leadership thinking, structuring your thinking and closing with a call to action, using inspirational language, applying The Leader’s Script to unplanned and impromptu communications
  • Achieving executive presence: using the right eye contact, vocal pace, expression, tone and body language, practicing challenging meeting situations
  • Advancing relationships at senior levels: exploring political intelligence and power dynamics, being intentional when building relationships, enhancing your leadership brand to help you turn your ideas into action
  • Distilling complex information to the essential ideas
  • Mastering Q&As: techniques for handling a variety of Q&A situations

Special features

You will prepare and deliver a talk, role play difficult conversations, analyze your material through the “lens of leadership,” practice relationship building, and more. You will also receive extensive one-on-one coaching and feedback from the instructors on your leadership presence.

Who should attend

Executives and senior managers (Director level and above) who wish to develop the influential, inspirational communication skills required of successful top-level leaders.

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