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Who should attend

  • Have completed a minimum of 100 coaching hours and thus have ICF ACC-accreditation or have significant experience that qualifies them for an ICF PCC-credentialing;
  • Have completed the GIBS Professional Business Coaching Programme or CoachTrax ACSTH or have completed an ICF-approved programme, and completed a bridging process to enable seamless joining to the GIBS Advanced Professional Business Coaching Programme.
  • Would like to pursue their ICF PCC-accreditation or are qualified as a PCC Coach and would like to enhance their current capabilities and understanding of our systemic environment to provide a more resilient platform for organisational change and impact

About the course

Take your coaching skills to the next level with this dual-accredited programme.

The Advanced Professional Business Coaching programme is aimed at experienced coaches who are looking to take both their own and their coachee's experience of business coaching to the next level; to intensify deeper connections with others to facilitate a true thinking partnership for more sustainable results and greater business impact.

This intensive programme focuses on manifestation of the confident business coach who is able to hold trusted relationships at all levels. Impact is demonstrated in different ways, from short-term goals, to ongoing sense-making and fulfilling on a significant legacy or purpose. One of the ultimate aspirations of business coaching is the systemic process: sustainable impact at both the individual and organisational level.

The Advanced Professional Business Coaching Programme is the final block in your journey with GIBS to coaching mastery.

Programme Methodology:

Assessment/ Evaluation:

This consists of:

  • observed coaching sessions (in triads) with immediate feedback by an ICF-accredited coach
  • ten hours of mentor coaching sessions (both group and individual);
  • independent self-study confirmation;
  • business acumen, systems thinking and leadership assignment to be completed in a syndicate group;
  • live presentation of syndicate's business acumen presentation;
  • individual assignment, covering critical incident, feedback on coaching of four individuals, inter alia; and
  • presentation of Coach Legacy and coaching skills to be evaluated based on ICF-PCC and GIBS core coaching competencies

The programme is experiential in nature and blends business and coaching theory with practice in a way that can be integrated and applied in reality.


The programme is comprised of three plenary/ classroom blocks as well as two evaluation days where the full classroom is expected to observe individual coach declaration and live/ videoed coaching.

Block 1: 3 days; Block 2: 2 days; Block 3: 2 days and final assessment days

In between these blocks, individuals are expected to:

  • Meet in syndicate groups to complete a case study on the business of being a business coach (including a tutorial guided by Faculty) and prepare a syndicate presentation and assignment;
  • Complete three hours of individual mentor coaching (one hour between blocks 1 and 2; one hour between blocks 2 and 3; one hour between block 3 and final examination);
  • Complete seven hours of group mentor coaching;
  • Select four coachees to collaborate with you throughout this coaching journey; ensuring that diversity is carefully considered in selection;
  • Complete extensive reading material in order to complete independent study; and
  • Submit coaching video of (no more than) 25 minutes prior to final examination.

How you will benefit

This programme will offer you the opportunity to:

  • Co-create trusting, authentic and effective coaching relationships through deeper reflection into your own experiences and vulnerabilities;
  • Turbo-charge core coaching competencies through practical application, with emphasis being on how the process may impact the client;
  • Understand both the essentials and the differential nuances in the variety of theoretical lenses that underpin coaching practice;
  • Practically apply your own coaching skills with immediate observer coach feedback; as well as offer you access to ICF-accredited Mentor Coaches to act as partners through your coaching journey
  • Build on your integrated business knowledge, offering both theory on the business of being a business coach as well as highly practical syndicate work on a bespoke business case study;
  • Navigate this complexity of today's business environment by offering space to explore one's own personal, cultural and organisational biases and intelligences;
  • Practice regular self-reflection to better understand incidents that have shaped your own learning and values; and how these will impact your lens and coaching relationships; and
  • Harness the power of empathy in further creating meaningful relationships that drive individual change and performance.

Additional information

By the end of this programme, you will be able to:

  • Practice advanced Business Coaching competencies with rigour and confidence;
  • Build more resilient coaching relationships by developing inter alia deep empathy for others and for a range of (visible and invisible) perspectives;
  • Understand business systems and acumen to better position yourself as a business coach;
  • Understand the value that coaching offers within an organisational system to solve business problems;
  • Better understand your role as coach and the impact this has on the system in which you operate; feel equipped to respond to the systemic social construction that surrounds each engagement and leverage this transparently from within the coaching relationship;
  • Move from a position of behaviour to one of being, where you are authentically present to your coaches;
  • Recognise cultural and organisational idiosyncrasies and respond without judgement, given a deep understanding of your own biases and values;
  • Have a greater understanding of Gestalt Coaching approach and Nancy Kline's Time to Think process; and
  • Successfully collaborate with your coachee in a pursuit of their meaning-making in a VUCA world.


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Advanced Professional Business Coaching Programme at GIBS Business School

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