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Learning and Organizational Change

Becoming a Reflective Coach Practitioner

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In this course, you will complete an array of self-assessments, including the scientifically validated Hogan Leadership Series personality survey, and engage in exercises that result in deeper self-awareness for the purpose of identifying your coaching strengths and development opportunities.

You will learn how to create a learning plan that helps you leverage your strengths and confront challenges you might face as a coach. This course will address questions such as: how is coaching different from other one-on-one developmental interactions; what is the connection between personality and coaching; how can you begin to develop your story as a coach, and why does it matter?

What Questions Will We Answer

  • How can I leverage my personality traits and my preferences to be an excellent coach?
  • In what ways could my personality and preferences interfere with coaching excellence?
  • What does it mean to develop my "self-as-coach" competencies, and what should be my priorities?
  • What is an individual learning plan, and how is it used in coaching for individual transformation?
  • What are the differences between coaching, mentoring, consulting, advising, and therapy?
  • What is a narrative identity, what roles can it play in coaching, and how can it accelerate individual development?

Benefits and Outcomes

  • Complete the Hogan Leadership Series assessments (one of the most rigorous, reliable and valid personality assessments available) and receive a one-on-one debrief with a coach who will help you interpret your results to map the terrain of your individual development as a coach.
  • Learn how personality might surface within coaching engagements and its implications for coaching.
  • Practice using an individual learning plan, a fundamental tool for action planning in coaching.
  • Become more grounded and confident in who you are as a coach through self-assessment and reflection exercises.

Who should attend

  • Leaders and senior managers who want to become coaches or add coaching to their overall leadership toolkit.
  • Experienced coaches seeking to expand self-awareness and develop as a reflective coach practitioner.


Michelle Albaugh is a highly regarded leadership and effectiveness coach. She joined the LOC faculty in September 2015 after earning her PhD in Human Development & Social Policy from the Northwestern’s School of Education and Social Policy. She received a bachelor’s degree in music from DePau...
Kimberly Scott is Assistant Professor and Director of the Master’s Program in Learning & Organizational Change (MSLOC) at Northwestern University. She came to Northwestern with over 10 years of management and consulting experience in a variety of mid-sized and Fortune 500 companies. Her work ...
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