Best executive courses in Investment in Germany

Executive School of Management, Technology and Law

4,509 USD

Successful growth through acquisitions requires a well-defined corporate strategy and a high level of analytical and strategic expertise to plan and execute individual transactions. In this program, you will learn how to enhance and implement your own company‘s growth strategy through...

May 10—12, 2021

3 days in Öhningen, Germany

4,509 USD


4,941 USD

The chemical industry is increasingly faced with new competition, stricter regulations, and stakeholder pressure around societal and environmental issues. As a manager, how do you respond to these challenges? What skills and competencies you need to face and respond quickly to the ever-changing...

Feb 22—26, 2021

5 days in Frankfurt, Germany

4,941 USD


4,879 USD

Accounting, financial processes, and the interpretation of numbers Managers in multifaceted organizations are seldom encouraged to consider their value-chain position or the value created by all the players involved. Indeed, many executives are not confident in their knowledge of the underlying...

Nov 3—5, 2021

3 days in Berlin, Germany

4,879 USD

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