March 2, 2021

Offline courses

INSEAD Business School
Developing a strategic mindset in the fast-changing banking world How should banks reassess their strategies after the global financial crisis? What are the strategic implications of the Basel 3 regulations on capital and liquidity? How will big data and digital banking change the future of...
Mar 2—12, 2021
9 days in Fontainebleau, France
15,557 USD
Asper School of Business
Why This Program? The ability to speak with clarity, conviction and influence is critical to leadership. To be truly effective, leaders must be able to inspire action every time they speak - from formal and informal presentations to conference calls, one-on-one conversations, impromptu...
Mar 2—3, 2021
2 days in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
1,292 USD
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Harvard Law School
Mar 2—5, 2021
4 days in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
12,500 USD
INSEAD Business School
Demystifying Artificial Intelligence in the digital age Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly emerging as the most important and transformative technology of our time. Recent advances, particularly in machine learning - a computer’s ability to improve its performance without human instruction...
Mar 2—4, 2021
3 days in Fontainebleau, France
8,485 USD
Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education
How can you enrich your coaching and leadership by making the most of cultural diversity? This course will allow you to leverage cultural differences of all kinds to promote creativity, boost performance and enable unity with individuals, teams and organizations. This course is accredited by...
Mar 2—4, 2021
3 days in Cambridge, United Kingdom
2,436 USD
Management Concepts
The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) has become a universal personality type assessment. It's a tool to discover personal preferences and understand others. You will begin by taking the self-assessment and then you will dive into the characteristics of each type. Doing so will give you the...
Mar 2, 2021
1 day in Washington, District of Columbia, United States

Online courses

American Management Association
Gain the core management skills you need to succeed! Successful managers get things done. Learn the art of management that sets you apart—FAST. Using extensive guided role plays, self-audits and in-depth skills exercises, you will explore motivation, delegation, coaching, communication,...
Mar 2—11, 2021
Online course
2,445 USD
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American Management Association
The truth is that your work will continue to pile up if all you do is check tasks off of your to-do list. Improve your productivity and efficiency by taking control of the pile of work that is driving you crazy. You need to develop a goal-driven plan and a step-by step method of helping you meet...
Mar 2, 2021
Online course