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March 1, 2021

Offline courses

London Business School
Get what you need to succeed and shape your company’s future as a leader at the top level in your organisation. Programme Impact Set your strategic direction for the future Get the tools to drive change, establish sustained competitive advantage and prepare for the future in the...
Mar 1—May 28, 2021
24 days in London, United Kingdom
46,533 USD
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Center for Creative Leadership
Leading for Organizational Impact: The Looking Glass Experience provides insight into leading within an organization. When leaders of departments and divisions see challenges and opportunities through the eyes of others, it impacts their individual expertise. A narrow focus is useful in the...
Mar 1—5, 2021
5 days in Singapore
8,103 USD
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Wisconsin School of Business
As your leadership responsibilities expand, so does your need to understand the impact of every decision on the strategic and financial goals of your organization. That's why business acumen—an intuitive sense of how the moving parts of a company work together to create profit —is...
Mar 1—3, 2021
3 days in Madison, Wisconsin, United States
2,495 USD
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Nyenrode Business University
The main challenge that technology, innovation and marketing professionals face is how to support the business by analyzing the above uncertainties to be able to create value for the customer in a way that creates value for the organization. One important challenge for those professionals is to...
Mar 1—May 31, 2021
7 days in Breukelen, Netherlands
6,912 USD
Center for Creative Leadership
The longest-running program of its kind in the world, the Leadership Development Program (LDP)® is designed for leaders of managers…managers in the middle. It is built around 6 factors vital to the success of managers: influence, communication, thinking and acting systematically, self-awareness,...
Mar 1—5, 2021
5 days in San Diego, California, United States
TUM School of Management
What to expect in this specific seminar: Marketing, law and business ethics: Interrelation of the topics. Dilemmas and ethical problems: Legal frameworks and ethical dilemmas when offering products or services in a market. Stakeholders in Marketing: Bringing together different views,...
Mar 1—5, 2021
5 days in St. Gallen, Switzerland
3,459 USD
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Online courses

Nicholas School of the Environment
Writing in environmental fields encompasses many genres, from policy memos to manuals, blog posts to interpretive signs. This course will allow you to refine and reflect on your writing process. For some, the course may serve as a tune-up; for others, a significant remodeling. Program...
Mar 1—31, 2021
Online course
1,075 USD