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Frankfurt School of Finance & Management:
Expert in Data Science and AI – Implement Machine Learning Into Practice
Don't just follow the trend - apply AI in practice! The recent wave of innovation in Artificial intelligence (AI) has enormous disruptive potential, but there is a decided shortage of professionals capable of harnessing the power of the latest modelling techniques and moving AI from the drawing...
10 days
8376.454399999999 USD
Frankfurt School of Finance & Management:
Certified Specialist in AI for Business – Prepare Your Organisation for AI
Artificial Intelligence (AI) has enormous disruptive potential, but making the most of this potential requires you to change your mindset and business priorities. The programme Certified Specialist in AI for Business aims to provide you with an overview of AI, including a discussion of what the...
7 days
5452.490400000001 USD
Business Strategy & Planning for Managers
Is your next challenge guiding a strategic planning process, and writing a strategic business plan? What is your role as a manager in defining your company's strategy? Get the business strategy skills and tools to develop the best strategic plan to support your company’s goals! ​Better strategic...
3 days
4134.3067 USD
5-Day Mini MBA for the Chemical Industry
The chemical industry is increasingly faced with new competition, stricter regulations, and stakeholder pressure around societal and environmental issues. As a manager, how do you respond to these challenges? What skills and competencies you need to face and respond quickly to the ever-changing...
5 days
4733.4783 USD

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