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Certificate Course "data Science@HECTOR School"

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About the course

The certificate course Data Science@HECTOR School conveys knowhow on methods as well as statistic techniques and models to indicate, analyze and forecast relevant developments (e.g., consumer behavior) for different business segments.

The first complex of topics deals with the question, how company data can be aggregated and analyzed, and which data need to be collected to reliably forecast and determine the economic success of projects, measures and strategies? The second complex of topics focuses on how new business models can be developed by the investigation and transformation of company, customer, and external data, and how customer behavior can be modeled and analyzed. The third complex of topics finally concentrates on the generation of an according infrastructure within the company on a technical as well as organizational level.

Learning Targets/ Skills

The participants will

  • understand the productive integration, transformation, and analysis of big and complex data as a central task of modern operational information systems;
  • be able to analyze & optimize analytical processes across functional operational units within a company;
  • possess analytical methods for the preprocessing, reduction and projection of company data and can align products, services and processes targeted according to strategic specifications and/or customer and market requirements;
  • know basic techniques and tools for data access and models, as how they are applied for analytical purposes for reports and data visualization;
  • know options for interacting when screening and interpreting data, like they are used in modern business intelligence systems.

Course Topics & Instructors

  • Business Data Strategy
  • Business Intelligence Systems
  • Consumer Behaviour Analysis
  • Basics of Data Analysis with R
  • Business Data Reduction
  • Service Analytics
  • Advanced Service Analytics

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Christof Weinhardt

Christof Weinhardt graduated in Industrial Engineering and received his Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Karlsruhe (TH) in 1989. Then he focused his research work more on Information System at the Universities of Giessen and Bielefeld. Currently – as full professor - he is director of th...


Alexander Maedche

Prof. Dr. Alexander Mädche joined KIT in November 2015. Prof. Dr. Alexander Maedche was appointed full professor at the KIT in November 2015 at the Department for Economics & Management. At the same time he received the call as director at the Karlsruhe Service Research Institute (KSRI). He l...


Thomas Setzer

Since 2011 Prof. Dr. Thomas Setzer is heading the shared research group "Corporate Services and Systems", a joint initiative of the esearch Center for Information Technology (FZI), KIT and the Bayer AG. After his studies of industrial engineering at the former Universität Karlsruhe he did his doc...


Jella Pfeiffer

PD Dr. Jella Pfeiffer is heading the research group "Digital Experience & Participation” at Institute for Information Systems and Management (IISM) at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). Since 2014 she is also manager of the Karlsruhe Decision&Design Lab External Link. After her ...


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This course has no confirmed dates in the future. Subscribe to be notified when it is offered.