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Senior Vice President Human Resources, Customer Experience, Marketing & Communications

In a career that encompasses financial, engineering, retail, manufacturing and healthcare, Roycie Eppler utilizes her experience in strategic planning, information technology, human capital management, operations and leadership to help organizations develop high-performing work teams that create greater value, achieve improved results and deliver an exceptional customer experience. With a 360-degree leadership approach, Roycie partners with all levels of the organization- from C-Suite leaders to operations managers to shop floor/front line employees- to address critical business issues, capitalize on new market opportunities and provide measureable, sustainable solutions. Roycie’s track of success is based on her core guiding principles: engage and inspire people so they see the same vision, act as a unified team and are focused and driven toward achieving targeted goals and results.

Roycie currently serves as SVP, Human Resources, Customer Experience, Marketing & Communications for Heraeus Medical Components, a global leader in specialized components and solutions for the world’s largest medical device companies. Prior to joining Heraeus, Roycie served in senior executive positions with global and nationally-recognized companies that included Macy’s/May Department Stores, Ameriprise Financial, Cargill, Inc. and MTS Systems.

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