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Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour . BA (Queen’s), MSc (Queen’s), PhD (Northwestern)

Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour

BA (Queen’s), MSc (Queen’s), PhD (Northwestern) Dr Niro Sivanathan’s research and teaching have received international recognition. His research explores how the psychology of the self – specifically our motivation to maintain the integrity of the self – influences decision-making. In addition, he explores how social hierarchy, through the psychological experience of power and status, regulates our judgment and behaviours. His work has been presented at leading international conferences and published in the top international journals in the field of Management and Psychology, such as: Organisational Behaviour and Human Decision Processes, Administrative Science Quarterly, the Journal of Applied Psychology, Psychological Science, Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin and the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. His research has also garnered international press coverage at CNN, Financial Times, Time Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Sunday Times and Forbes. Before joining the London Business School in 2008, Niro was a visiting Assistant Professor at the Johnson School of Management, at Cornell University, and recently has been a visiting Scholar at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr Sivanathan earned his PhD in Management & Organisations from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. He also holds an MSc in Management and a BA in Psychology (Honours) from Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada.

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