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Vlerick Business School Executive Education

Koen Tackx is a Professor of Management Practice at Vlerick Business School in strategy and marketing. His industry focus includes energy, financial services and telecommunications. After a corporate career of 20 years, he graduated as a PhD in 2015 on a dissertation titled “fair process perspectives on strategy creation” at the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management. His strategy research mainly focusses on how co-creation can enhance the strategy creation process and how the application of fair process can be beneficial in different domains like international business and performance management. In the marketing domain his main research interest is how to balance between value creation and value capturing and how different strategies can influence this balance. He presented papers at major conferences like the Strategic Management Society Annual Conference and the British Academy of Management.

Expert in

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Telecommunication and internet networks
  • Product Management
  • Corporate strategy
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Value Creation


Articles in refereed journals with impact

  • Tackx K. Rothenberger S. Verdin P.  2017. Is advertising for losers? An empirical study from a value creation and value capturing perspective. European Management Journal, 35(3): 327-335.

Conference Presentations

  • Tackx K. Van der Heyden L. Verdin P.  2015. Fairness in Strategy Formulation and Implementation. Paper presented at 29th Annual BAM Conference, September 8-10, Portsmouth, United Kingdom.

  • Tackx K. Verdin P.  2014. Can Co-Creation Lead To Better Strategy?: An Exploratory Research. Paper presented at Strategic Management Society, September 22-22, Madrid, Spain.

Doctoral dissertation

  • Tackx K.  2015. Fair process perspectives on strategy creation. 

Research reports

  • Tackx K. Van der Heyden L. Verdin P.  2016. Fairness in Strategy: A Fair Process Evaluation of Strategy Schools. (52 p.)

  • Debruyne M. Tackx K. Melsens D. Vermeire P. Debbaut D. Thiebaut C.  2016. Getting fit for profitable growth. Capture the value you deserve. Vlerick Business School. (14 p.)

  • Momber I. Tackx K. Hadush S. Meeus L.  2015. White Paper: who will lead the energy market in 2030?. Vlerick Energy Centre. (19 p.)

  • Tackx K. Meeus L.  2015. Outlook on the European dso landscape 2020 - The trends that will change the name of your game. Vlerick Business School. (15 p.)

  • Tackx K. Verdin P.  2014. Can co-creation lead to better strategy? An exploratory research. (28 p.)

Koen is passionate about how companies can create value for customers and capture value for their shareholders. He combines twenty years of business experience in various industries including telecommunications, energy, real estate and HR services with a wide range of research and educational activities in various settings. His main focus is on corporate strategy and on strategic marketing. He is an advocate of "co-creating” strategies: the injection of quality in better and richer ideas that brings co-creation in the stage of formulation, as well as the increase in commitment and enthusiasm for implementation leads to better and lasting results for an organization . He received his MBA from the KULeuven and attended various programs at INSEAD before obtaining his PhD from the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management.

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