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Gabay at Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Brand Faith Keynote highlight


The Chartered Institute of Marketing

Jonathan Gabay is an award-winning copywriter and digital specialist who works with leading corporates on websites, blogs, video, social and much more. Some of the world’s biggest brands and organisations turn to him for advice and development on all aspects of content including strategy and international campaigns. Jonathan has written 15 books covering just about every aspect of marketing / PR communications and content. Many are studied at university level. Jonathan is a hands-on copywriter whose work covers a broad range of sectors from government and utilities to finance, politics, services, digital, IT, health, leisure and more… This ensures your course features the latest thinking based on practical field experience.

Experience in:

  • Retail.
  • News.
  • Education.
  • Digital.
  • B2B.
  • B2C.
  • Utilities.
  • Financial.
  • Government.
  • IT including social media and big data.
  • Sports brands.
  • Entertainment.
  • Charities.
  • Pharma.

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