Managing Director at Commercial Health Consulting
  • 19+ years experience in Sales and CRM positionsPastedGraphic-1.png
  • 2+ global business planning improvement projects
  • 25+ local and global CRM project (including IT) leads
  • 75+ commercial (sales) management development programs
  • 40+ sales curriculum developments (global & local)
  • 10+ integrated multichannel project leads
  • 3+ years of consultancy for various businesses and clients
  • 500+ workshop and training facilitations in...
  • ...up to 30 different countries and cultures

Achievements and Results

  • +26% improvement globally in Sales/resource allocation ratio in three years
  • +18% bottom line improvement in two years
  • +13% customer satisfaction within one year versus control group
  • +36% more customer facing time compared with competition
  • CHC has theory, background and experiences with respect to all aspects of CRM & commercial processes, skills and competencies.

To improve your overall commercial health we can support, act and deliver:

  • adapted to your customer groups
  • based upon your starting situation
  • on your development plan
  • on every commercial level
  • in every preferred structure and timing
  • in various didactics, learning situations and methods

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