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Oxford Management Centre

The Strategy and High Impact Leadership Programme

Oct 14—25, 2019
10 days
California, United States
USD 13900
USD 1390 per day
Apr 13—24, 2020
10 days
Miami, Florida, United States
USD 13900
USD 1390 per day
Jul 20—31, 2020
10 days
Vienna, Austria
USD 11900
USD 1190 per day
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In a shrinking world, all organizations and their managers are constantly being buffeted by unexpected twists and turns that call on them to react quickly, effectively and strategically. This training seminar will provide participants with the confidence, competence and tools to face and be proactive in making the changes necessary to add value to all stakeholders. It will expose you to tried and trusted state-of-the-art strategies to meet the rising expectations of external stakeholders and the new generation of employees.

This seminar explores the principles of strategic leadership ability to help you develop an approach at all levels of your organisation to build a new culture that embraces challenges and change.

This seminar will also focus on the critical roles of team leader and middle manager in harnessing their team’s potential, and introduces and practices techniques for moving the organisation and the teams from average to excellence.

This seminar will highlight:

  • Your personal capacity for strategic leadership
  • Exercising leadership more effectively for high-impact interventions
  • Developing and motivating your team for peak performance
  • Using strategic thinking to deal with resistance to leadership and change
  • Getting ahead of the curve – being courageous and more proactive
  • Creating an agile work environment
  • Learning how to apply the best practices from some of the world’s most admired organizations
  • Leveraging the talent of the Millennial generation
  • Challenging assumptions
  • Using measurement to build accountability for continuous improvement

The seminar is split into two modules:

MODULE I – Leading for Strategic Success

MODULE II – Leading for Organisational Impact

Each module is structured and can be taken as a stand-alone training course; however, delegates will maximise their benefits by taking Module 1 and 2 back-to-back as a two-week training course.


At the end of this seminar, you will learn to:

  • Apply better approaches to leadership and strategic management
  • Develop resilience and adaptability in responding to change and uncertainty
  • Recognise and respond more effectively to your leadership opportunities and challenges
  • Understand and apply leadership practices from some of the world’s most admired organizations
  • Transform your organisation to embrace opportunities and challenges
  • Develop your team to deliver value-added continuous improvement


The seminar style sessions will provide participative and engaging experience of a range of proven leadership and strategy models, methods and tools. High impact group work, exercises, situational simulations, individual feedback and case studies supported by both facilitators’ international experience with world class organizations. There will be opportunities to apply the learning to the participant’s own circumstances.

This seminar introduces a strategic management system – a complete framework to help you lead the strategy for your organisation. You also create your own personal action plan to help develop teams so the learning can be extended and shared beyond the seminar.


You will develop new approaches to leadership and strategic management to help build a more effective and successful organisation by:

  • Developing a greater capability for leadership
  • Contributing to the achievement of breakthrough organisational performance
  • Developing the ability of managers to make good judgment quickly
  • Increasing enthusiasm to tackle challenges
  • Measuring outcomes to ensure accountability and improve employee performance
  • Increase collaborative problem solving and innovation
  • Creating a values-based environment that rewards accountability and respect


You will develop a new appreciation of your capacity for leadership through:

  • Leading more effectively and resiliently
  • Guiding your team to a desired future
  • Understanding the strategic impact of your current role
  • Contributing to stakeholder benefits in meaningful and measurable ways
  • Applying practical, proven tools and techniques to real-world situations
  • Redesign your team structure to drive increased value


Day - Module I - Leading for Strategic Success

Day1 - The Current Context of Leadership

  • Definitions of leadership
  • Double loop learning
  • Rational and non-rational approaches
  • Leadership of groups and organisations
  • Transformational change

Day2 - Alignment: Linking Strategy to Operations

  • Overview of a Strategic Management System
  • Measuring results
  • Foundations for success: Strategic Leadership
  • Business process management concepts
  • Describing and realizing improvements using process models

Day3 - Analysing and Solving Complex Problems

  • The difference between simple and complex problems
  • Understanding complexity
  • Solving complex problems with Systems Thinking
  • Creative thinking techniques
  • Analysing, preparing and winning arguments

Day4 - Planning for Success

  • The difference between good strategy and bad strategy
  • Making a business case
  • Group decision making and change
  • Evidence-based management – what really works
  • Case study briefing

Day5 - Overcoming Execution Problems – Useful Tools and Techniques

  • Managing human factors in business performance
  • Test your leadership – practical case study
  • Overcoming bias and understanding psychology to get results
  • Individual plans and presentations
  • Commitment to action

Day - Module II -Leading for Organisational Impact

Day6 - Leaders of the Future

  • Not all managers are leaders
  • The purpose of Leadership
  • A new view of Leadership : the role of the coach and mentor
  • Leadership styles: the importance of context
  • The impact of leadership on performance
  • Essential ingredients of a high-performance organization

Day7 - Hiring, On-boarding and Training Future Leaders

  • Attracting the best talent: benchmark practices
  • Understanding future new-hires: welcome to the age of Millennials
  • Creating a values-based rather than a policies-based environment
  • New approaches to on-boarding
  • The biochemical basis of productive employees
  • Designing and benefiting from an engaged workforce
  • Finding and hiring the best talent
  • Spotting and avoiding the narcissist

Day8 - Leveraging Talent

  • Developing trust: the foundation of Engaging employees in setting direction
  • Filling employee’s psychological bucket
  • Driving improved performance by applying the Pygmalion principal
  • Improved performance management practices
  • Boosting performance through raised expectations
  • Coaching and mentoring that boosts confidence, relationships and performance
  • Conducting robust discussions that uncover the root cause and solutions of vexing issues

Day9 - Powering Your Team to High Performance

  • New approaches to teamwork
  • Elements of effective teams
  • Decision-making: choosing the best strategy to suit your circumstances
  • Achieving alignment with the corporate vision and mission
  • Changing your measurement system to build commitment and enthusiasm
  • Identifying a “balanced” set of key performance indicators
  • Recognition and rewards

Day10 - Leading the Charge!

  • Becoming an agent of change
  • Alternative strategies to deal with conflict
  • Choosing the best approach for your situation
  • Building a model for influencing change: Lessons from the eagle
  • Understanding and leveraging your power base
  • The power of humility
  • Getting into the head and heart of those who are intransigent
  • Producing win-win outcomes

Who should attend

This seminar will benefit manager’s thirst for a new ways to tackle traditional organizational ills. It will provide them with the confidence and competence to act boldly in environments that are stuck in the past. It is suitable to a wide range of experienced professionals and will be of particular benefit to:

  • General Managers and Heads of Department
  • Project, programme, or portfolio, managers who need a more strategic view
  • Front-line managers under pressure to do more with less
  • Senior managers charged with transforming their department or division
  • Human resource professionals who need to be up to date on good leadership practice

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Oct 14—25, 2019
10 days
California, United States
USD 13900
USD 1390 per day
Apr 13—24, 2020
10 days
Miami, Florida, United States
USD 13900
USD 1390 per day
Jul 20—31, 2020
10 days
Vienna, Austria
USD 11900
USD 1190 per day
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