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Strategic Planning & Goal Setting – Setting Business Goals, Targets & Deliverables

Available dates

Dec 22—26, 2019
5 days
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Mar 8—12, 2020
5 days
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Jun 28—Jul 2, 2020
5 days
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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About the course

Strategic management is one of the essential skills that senior leaders and managers are expected to have. This subject consists of the ability to think strategically and then plan, implement and monitor the resulting strategy. It is an ability that distinguishes senior from more junior staff. Sadly, many organisations simply use straight-line extrapolation of the past into the future as the basis of their planning. Alternatively, they simply do what they’ve always done and add a few percent to their targets instead of engaging in visionary strategic planning.

This Oxford programme, therefore, covers a robust approach to strategic management that will help to position your organization for a future which will be very different from the past. It will allow you to identify your distinguishing competencies and strengths and the opportunities in the environment that you can take advantage of. More than anything else, it will help you to articulate your plan and communicate your vision in a compelling manner to ensure that you get the necessary backing of your board and senior managers.

Seminar Objective

  • Appreciate the vital need for strategic planning in today’s increasingly VUCA operating environment
  • Master how to design visionary strategic plans characterised by boldness, imagination and innovation
  • Understand how to implement an organizational readiness assessment
  • Formulate insights into strategic planning problems and pitfalls
  • Appreciate why strategic planning skills and political skills go hand in hand
  • Ensure the application of effective scenario planning and contingency plans

Seminar Outline

  • Strategy – its Concept and Significance in Today’s VUCA World
  • The Interaction of Strategy, Structure and Business Processes
  • Carrying out a comprehensive SWOT Analysis, converting this into a ‘Strategy Matrix’ and then a Strategy Map
  • Designing inspiring Vision and Mission Statements – Preparing for the Future
  • Leadership and Management in relation to Strategy
  • Building a Strategic Planning Team
  • Getting Innovative Thinking into the Organization
  • The Four Big Strategic Planning traps to Avoid
  • Using Political Skills in Strategy Development and Implementation
  • Applying Strategic Planning Tools and Techniques to your own Career Development

Who should attend

  • Specialist Managers
  • Operational Managers
  • Board Level Staff
  • Team Leaders
  • All Professionals involved in the Strategic Planning or Operationalisation Process

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