Planning and Managing PR Campaigns (dubai, Online)

Oxford Management Centre

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  • 5 days
  • online

Oxford Management Centre


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Who should attend

This Oxford Management online training seminar has been designed for PR practitioners / professionals and for senior professionals elsewhere in the organisation who want to use PR / communications tools to best effect in meeting business objectives.

This Oxford Management online training seminar is also relevant to anyone likely to have responsibility for the delivery of PR Campaigns for their organisation but is relatively new to the concepts and practicalities of this facet of corporate communications.

  • Middle and senior managers tasked with the direct delivery of campaigns or oversight of specialist sub-contractors
  • Senior operational managers with responsibility for managing teams whose role includes PR Campaigns
  • Senior managers up to Board level with responsibility for the strategic use of Public Relations

About the course

Public Relation’s Most Powerful Tool

This Oxford Management online training seminar is a must for any business aiming to employ Public Relations Campaigns as part of their business operation.

Public relations campaigns can help drive strategic organisational change, build public perceptions and drive reputation with key stakeholders. Well planned and executed campaigns are a cost-effective means of changing perceptions and increasing stakeholder value for an organisation.

This powerful Oxford Management online training seminar takes a problem-solving approach to the design of PR campaigns. By closely fitting the campaign to core business priorities as well as project objectives campaign design reinforces key messages and organisational strategy. Case study examples in print will be used throughout. Action planning for the workplace to put ideas into action is a strong feature of the online training seminar.

Highlights of this Oxford Management online training seminar include:

  • Powerful Planning Tools
  • Practical Examples and Frameworks
  • Personal Coaching and Advice
  • Incorporation of Your Own Content Giving Real, Useable Outputs
  • A Practical and Theoretical Toolkit for use beyond the Seminar

Seminar Objectives

  • To Examine the range of PR campaigns and the purposes that they can achieve
  • To Develop a problem-solving approach to match PR campaign strategy to business objectives
  • To Plan PR campaigns to meet need setting clear objectives with behavioural outcomes and measurable results
  • To Examine a wide range of successful campaigns to judge the differing strategies and use of channels and media
  • To Measure risk presented during a campaign by increased public and media scrutiny and to plan to mitigate these risks
  • To Learn how to evaluate PR campaigns to demonstrate success to the business and to develop campaign methodology

Seminar Methodology

This online training seminar will utilize a variety of proven online learning techniques to ensure maximum understanding, comprehension, retention of the information presented. The training seminar is conducted Online via an Advanced Virtual Learning Platform in the comfort of any location of your choice.

Organisational Gains

Communicating effectively with key stakeholders is vital to the delivery of business goals. This Oxford Management online training seminar demonstrates how:

  • PR can be a key element of business strategy through coherent and focused campaigns
  • Clear business results can be driven by well-planned campaigns
  • Reputation and Brand can be enhanced through well designed campaigns
  • Risks involved in raising profile can be identified and mitigated
  • Results can benefit all of your key stakeholders
  • Maximum effect can be achieved for minimum financial outlay

Personal Gains

This Oxford Management online training seminar examines a wide range of communications issues, skills and opportunities. As well as developing further personal competencies, and will help participants:

  • To develop a more effective approach to communication in the workplace
  • Select and use the best tools to add value to the organisation at a strategic level
  • Develop personal action planning and understand how to ‘sell’ ideas to top management
  • Plan evaluation of the campaign so that results are recognised within the organisation
  • To develop creativity in communication
  • To build confidence and mastery through personal coaching and advice

Seminar Outline

DAY 1 Public Relations in Business

  • An Overview of the Scope and Role of Public Relations in an Organisation
  • Assessing Your PR Situation
  • Setting Objectives to Meet Your Business Needs
  • Planning Framework for Campaigns
  • Costing a Campaign
  • Writing Your Campaign Proposal

DAY 2 Setting Campaign Objectives and Themes

  • A Problem-Solving Approach
  • The Campaign Process and Communications Theory
  • Translating Objectives into a Practical Campaign Concept
  • Resource Allocation and Scheduling
  • The Development of a Message House
  • Storytelling and Creativity in Messaging

DAY 3 Choosing the Right Media Mix

  • Identifying your Target Publics
  • Assessing What Your Stakeholders Think of You
  • Choosing the Right Media for the Right Audience
  • News and Feature Generation
  • Is it a story – What’s in it for the media?
  • Events, Invitations and Press Releases

DAY 4 Social Media and Influence

  • Involving Your “in-house” Media
  • Using Photography and Video
  • Social Media in Campaigns
  • Using Influencers and Testimonials
  • The Role of the Corporate Website
  • Crisis Management and Contingencies

DAY 5 Evaluation and the Planning Cycle

  • Building the In-house Campaigns Team
  • Assessing and Managing Performance
  • Buying in Help – What to look for and getting the best results?
  • Evaluating Campaigns
  • Campaign Reporting
  • Personal Action Planning

Planning and Managing PR Campaigns (dubai, Online) at Oxford Management Centre

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

Full disclaimer.

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