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Motivating People

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Realizing organizational goals often requires every employee performing at their potential. Motivating others, however, is one of the most fundamental challenges leaders face. This seminar is designed to identify the myths and misconceptions of human motivation, to present some key motivational frameworks, and to introduce cutting-edge research into the science of motivation. You’ll leave with concrete techniques you can utilize to motivate team members to move your organization closer to its overall goals.


  • Identify the misconceptions surrounding human motivation
  • Effective motivational frameworks
  • Science of motivation


  • Articulate key motivation principles
  • Apply scientifically proven ways to boost motivation

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Markus Baer

Area of Expertise: Critical Thinking, Motivation, Innovation and Growth, Organizational Behavior, Team Development, Critical Thinking, Innovation and Growth, Motivation Research Interests: The determinants of the various activities (i.e., problem formulation, idea generation, solution im...


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