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Apr 27—Jun 21, 2020
CHF 2950 ≈USD 2998
Sep 28—Nov 22, 2020
CHF 2950 ≈USD 2998


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About the course

  • Understand what really motivates your employees
  • Discover how behavioral change improves individual performance and can transform companies
  • Embed a culture of self-development, motivation and positivity at every level of your organization
  • Learn practical techniques you can use daily

Get the latest insights and tools to influence change with this personalized online program

As a manager in a start-up or established business, you play a pivotal role in developing staff and improving their performance. Your goal is to embed and sustain a culture of excellence in your organization through a better understanding of employee motivation.

Changing Employee Behavior exposes you to recent research in behavioral economics, cognitive and behavioral psychology, and systemic psychotherapy. The program’s accessible, practically focused format includes study of Changing Employee Behavior: A Practical Guide for Managers, authored by course faculty.

You will take away practical tools that target a change in employee behavior, encouraging confidence and resilience in others and boosting individual and organizational performance.

Changing Employee Behavior - your learning journey

This online course is 8 weeks long. It's long enough for you to apply to your own working context what you learn and to gain practical tools that target a change in your employees' behavior. Over the 8 weeks of courses, here's what you will learn:

Unit 1: The importance of context

  • Understand how context supports organizational and individual transformation.
  • Identify behaviors you wish to change, and focus on your leadership role in supporting the process.
  • Evaluate change research from psychology and other fields.
  • Share your experience with a personal coach and the group.

Unit 2: Intrinsic motivation

  • Explore key influences on intrinsic motivation: autonomy, mastery, and connection.
  • Learn to enhance intrinsic motivation in yourself and others by using practical tools in each of the three areas.
  • Work with your personalized coach and in peer discussion to analyze your own intrinsic motivation.

Unit 3: Extrinsic motivation

  • Discover how extrinsic motivation encourages behavior change in tandem with intrinsic motivation.
  • Evaluate the strengths and pitfalls of several motivational tools.
  • Identify whether you and your employees are “prevention” or “promotion” focused, and how this affects your choice of motivator.

Unit 4: Ability & individual differences

  • Examine the second dimension of the “MAPS model”: ability.
  • Learn to gauge the importance of individual differences.
  • Drill down further into competencies involved in your desired behavior changes.
  • Think about and model potential obstacles to change. Identify key sources of individual difference.

Unit 5: Psychological capital - confidence & optimism

  • Develop strategies to support psychological capital and help sustain behavior change.
  • Dig deeper into self-confidence and optimism.
  • Discover how to enhance others’ confidence with guided mastery, modeling, and mental visualization.
  • Understand how cognitive distortions impact people’s optimism.

Unit 6: Psychological capital - will power & resilience

  • Learn how willpower and resilience foster behavior change.
  • Find out more about their limits and strengths, and tools to strengthen an individual’s willpower.
  • Reflect on how willpower has helped or hindered you in different situations.
  • Build your willpower and resilience for future challenges.

Unit 7: Building a supportive environment

  • Consider how to foster a supportive environment for performance and development.
  • Dissect habit structure and learn to use it to support desired change.
  • Analyze four steps to forming good habits and three options to break bad ones.
  • Work through the steps to build better habits.

Unit 8: Becoming an architect of change

  • Become an architect of change for your organization.
  • Explore how the science of choice architecture (or “nudging”) can support behavior change in yourself and others.
  • Reconnect with your coach and co-create an action plan for implementing sustainable change in your workplace.

Your Learning Coach

How we are helping you

You will have a dedicated learning coach, making sure you receive a highly individualized learning experience.

Your designated Changing Employee Behavior learning coach accompanies you through your 8-week learning journey. They provide support and feedback as you apply your learning straight away in the workplace, where it has an immediate impact.

Their input helps you translate your learning to your particular context. By spreading this feedback regularly throughout the program, you'll be sure to embed your ongoing learning directly in your daily work.

Your learning coach interacts with you via video, in writing and over the phone. You have calls, spread across the 8 weeks, at intervals that consolidate your learning.

Your learning coach helps you:

  • Define your learning objectives
  • Review your progress on a weekly basis
  • Overcome your challenges
  • Translate what you learn to your own context

Who should attend

Whether you’re a manager of a start-up or of an established business, you want your employees to thrive. If you’re looking for smart, quick techniques to promote an agile culture of excellence, self-development, motivation and positivity at all levels of your company, this is the course for you.

Trust the experts

Shlomo Ben Hur

Shlomo Ben-Hur is an organizational psychologist and a professor of leadership and organizational behavior with 25 years of corporate experience in senior executive positions in multinational organizations. Professor Ben-Hur's research, teaching, and consulting activities are focused on the psyc...


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