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Indian Institute of Management Bangalore

Leadership in Dynamic Times – Thinking Strategically in Business

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Leadership in dynamic times takes a radically different perspective to the traditional way of "teaching" leadership. In contrast to the usual advice to acquire more and more skills, this scientific view of leadership instead focuses on how to gather influence and power by working with, and harnessing, the resources and abilities of others. This not only exponentially increases the power that the leader bears, but also makes them more agile and flexible. Once the leader realizes the hidden power of people and networks, they can quickly adapt to new situations, and tap resources that are situationally needed. By not making irreversible investments in skills at inevitably become obsolete, leaders are able to evolve continually when complex systems change, often unpredictably. This program is unique in that it is designed to equip you with the know-how to be a more creative and expert decision maker, to gain the commitment, support and devotion of your organizational members


You will able to understand and evaluate the bases, sources, and uses of power in organizations, and develop a toolkit of concepts for thinking about leadership and power dynamics. Each of the sessions are specifically designed to leverage your experience for continued learning even beyond these programs. You will:

  • Gain diagnostic tools to understand the leadership landscape and the rules of the game
  • Recognize strategies to work with, influence, and motivate teams
  • Identify and hone your Interpersonal and collective influence strategies
  • Develop an understanding of the power of networks, and using them
  • Understand diversity in its many forms (gender, culture, demographics)
  • Fine tune your perspective on organizations in dynamic environments
  • Increase your ability to deal with uncertainty
  • Trace paths to becoming a corporate “entrepreneur”

Who should attend

This course is designed specifically for executives already in leadership positions, looking to take their organizations, teams and themselves, to the next level. Leaders who take this program typically have 15+ years of experience leading teams, especially in multiple geographies, with more than 5 years of experience in senior leadership roles in corporate environments. Executives in senior positions (soon-to-be leaders) are also welcome


Dalhia’s research focuses on the networks of ownership ties between firms. She studies the extent to which patterns of ownership ties between firms lead to positive outcomes such as increased firm performance and innovation, and negative outcomes such as tax sheltering and tunnelling. At a more m...
Jayaram S. Uparna is an Assistant Professor in Organizational Behavior & Human Resources Management at Indian Institute of Management Bangalore. His research is about entrepreneurship, emerging markets, network theory and big data. He studies small-scale entrepreneurs across the world, and ho...


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