The Emerging Cmo: Strategic Marketing Leadership

Stanford Graduate School of Business

Stanford Graduate School of Business


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Who should attend

  • Emerging and experienced CMOs who are motivated to lead and ignite change in their organizations — from any industry and country
  • Senior-level marketing leaders with at least eight years of management experience — from any size or stage company — looking for a marketing executive program

About the course

Transform marketing in your organization with strategic frameworks, customer-centric innovation, and persuasive communication and leadership skills.

With an ever-expanding mandate, today’s CMOs need to own the customer experience, think strategically, and communicate with purpose to give their organizations the edge in a fiercely competitive marketplace. The Emerging CMO: Strategic Marketing Leadership provides you with innovation, marketing strategy, and leadership skills to help you reach the C-suite and thrive.

Designed for senior-level marketers as well as newly appointed CMOs, this one-week strategic marketing management program will give you the skills, confidence, and insights to lead a more customer-focused and competitive organization.

Learn how neuroscience, customer psychology, and data analytics can impact marketing strategy. Explore the impact of emotions and context on customer decision making. Discover where in your organization to nurture marketing innovation, and how to scale it. And, develop the communication and leadership skills to tell your story, share your vision, and get buy-in across the organization.

In this strategic marketing management program you’ll experience cutting-edge empirical research, innovative Silicon Valley thinking, and proven Stanford GSB strategic frameworks. All designed to help you maximize satisfaction for your customers and profit for your company.

Key Benefits

Develop marketing strategy frameworks, innovative approaches, and visionary leadership required in the C-suite.

  • Develop strategic marketing management frameworks that drive your company’s growth and empower a customer-centric culture.
  • Understand how customer psychology and storytelling can influence and advance your marketing and communications efforts.
  • Learn how data analytics can uncover customer insights and shape strategy.
  • Enhance communication and leadership skills to get buy-in at the C-suite level and across the organization.
  • Immerse yourself in Silicon Valley innovation, companies, and ideas.
  • Build a strong network of peers with whom you can share ideas and experiences.


Prepare for the CMO role with curriculum that blends strategic marketing management, customer-centric innovation, communication, and leadership.

How can customer psychology drive marketing innovation? How can you use AI and data analytics to predict customer preferences? How can you unleash your team’s talent and scale marketing excellence? The Emerging CMO: Strategic Marketing Leadership executive education program helps you answer all this … and more.

Taught by some of the world’s leading experts in strategy, marketing, and leadership, the curriculum gives you exposure to cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research from almost every academic discipline at the Stanford GSB.

Academically rigorous and comprehensive, this marketing executive program curriculum includes lectures, guest speakers, and capture your learning sessions to help you individualize and implement what you’ve learned.

Program Highlights

Below are just a few of the sessions you’ll attend as part of the program.

Crafting the Customer Journey

Application of brain-based insights to a topic that has become central to strategy, namely customer experience design. This session will discuss the reasons behind this development and how businesses can leverage rich customer insights to unearth new business opportunities, develop and sustain distinct competitive advantages, and in the process have a direct impact on top-line and bottom-line growth. We will examine how the “X” Framework can be leveraged for customer experience design and business model innovation. We will go through several examples of how billion-dollar companies have been formed by removing “disgusters” (pain points) and adding “delighters” (pleasure points) along different phases of the customer journey.

Topics include:

  • Customer experience design and its importance to strategy
  • Examples of platform businesses that have emerged by leveraging customer experience design
  • The emergence of membership and subscription models as part of business model innovation
  • Gaining rich insights into the Pain and Pleasure points from the vantage of the “X” Framework

Psychology of Decision Making

How do people judge value? How do employees in your company make decisions? How do your intuitions help and hurt your judgments? Participants will learn to:

  • Identify factors that influence people's decisions
  • Understand what happens when people grow tired of making choices.
  • Determine the limits of influence that companies have on their employees' choices

Deriving Customer Insights from Data

We live in the age of big data. But data do not speak for themselves. The story they tell needs extracting through careful analysis. In this session, we will discuss the possibilities, and pitfalls, that come with data-driven customer management. We will discuss how data can inform customer segmentation, acquisition and retention. We will primarily focus on how new data types and data analytic techniques help understand the social and cultural processes that mediate between product makers and their customers.

Growth Strategies

Growth is the clearest sign of success for an organization. How can marketing work to accelerate the growth of your organization? Your answer to this question says much about you as a leader. Some approaches to generating growth turn out to be counterproductive, while others can create immense value. In this session we explain this key difference in terms of a single, central idea: customer engagement.


Baba Shiv

Research Statement Baba Shiv's research expertise is in the area of neuroeconomics, with specific emphasis on the role of neural structures related to emotion and motivation in shaping decisions and experiences. His recent work examines the interplay of the brain’s "liking" and "wanting" systems ...

Jonathan Levav

Research Statement Jonathan Levav studies consumer behavior and behavioral decision theory. He combines laboratory and field experiments, as well as secondary data analysis, in order to study the factors that influence people's choices and judgments. His research on choice focuses on three inter-...

Harikesh Nair

Research Statement Harikesh Nair is interested in marketing analytics and computational social science. His research brings together social science theory, statistical tools and Marketing data to better understand consumer behavior and to improve the strategic marketing decisions of firms. This w...

Zakary Tormala

Research Statement Professor Tormala is a social and consumer psychologist who works in the areas of attitudes, persuasion, and social influence. At a general level, his research on these topics seeks to shed light on the factors that open and close attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors to change. Re...

Amir Goldberg

Research Statement Amir Goldberg’s research lies at the intersection of cultural sociology, data science and organization studies. He is interested in understanding how social meanings emerge and solidify through social interaction, and what role network structures play in this process. The co-di...

Szu Chi Huang

Research Statement Professor Huang’s research focuses on consumer motivation. Her work in this area has been programmatic, documenting how consumers have different concerns in different stages of goal pursuit, and thus derive motivation in very distinct ways. Professor Huang uses experiments to t...

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The Emerging Cmo: Strategic Marketing Leadership at Stanford Graduate School of Business

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

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