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Leadership Excellence Course & Executive Coaching

Available dates

Nov 18—20, 2019
3 days
Washington, DC, USA
USD 3450
USD 1150 per day
Dec 3—5, 2019
3 days
Greater Kansas City, USA
USD 3450
USD 1150 per day
Dec 10—12, 2019
3 days
Houston, TX, USA
USD 3450
USD 1150 per day
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About the course

Hard skills such as planning, finance and analysis that were paramount in years past represent just a fragment of the many skills executives must now possess. Today's global economy requires additional skills like good communication, creativity, collaboration and the ability to motivate. According to an article recently posted at Bloomberg Businessweek, "a modern chief executive requires an array of hard and soft skills; they're essential for anyone aspiring to top leadership."

Whether you are a senior executive trying to advance your organization in a new world or an experienced project manager, you'll be empowered with new skills and a contemporary perspective on leadership from our Leadership Excellence Course. Corporate managers from across the U.S. have graduated from this program more confident, more productive and more effective leaders…driving their organizations forward.

It's your time, your chance to revitalize your career and step forward a better leader. Give yourself every advantage with experienced executive coaching that will have immediate and practical application.

Why Attend?

Walk into one of our leadership courses, and you will take an eye-opening journey of self-discovery to uncover what kind of leader you want to be. This is the most critical, profound step towards dramatic improvements in leadership. Self-aware, leaders can now clearly communicate their vision to stakeholders, partners, colleagues and employees. It's the key to creating a motivational climate where everyone is ‘on board' and passionately rowing in the same direction.

Program participants also learn important 'soft' skills like how to leverage conflict and build more effective working relationships amongst staff — two issues that research has shown are particularly challenging for most managers at this level. You'll be captivated learning these and other highly specific, practical strategies that can be set in motion at your organization immediately.



Prior to attending Leadership Excellence & Executive Coaching Course, you will receive a copy of The Leader's Compass, 3rd Edition and will be required to complete a first draft of your Leadership Philosophy (Leader's Compass). Please allow 3-4 hours for completion of all required pre-work.

Day 1


The Leader's Journal

Managing A Leader's Style and Energy

  • Energize2lead Profile™ results will be discussed to identify key management issues based on identified differences in styles and expectations.
  • The Energize2Lead Profile™ Assessment identifies what types of activities energize a leader.
  • Understand the differences and how to apply the three dimensions of the assessment report.
  • Learn the importance of how 75% of those we work with communicate in a different frame of reference.
  • Understand how to build trust with others and what our instinctive needs are in order to be motivated.
  • Be able to identify the strengths and blindsides of others around us.
  • Learn how to use team dynamics to make your people more effective.

Aligning and Accomplishing Goals

  • Learn how to apply the SMART formula for setting, aligning and accomplishing goals.
  • Understand the value of making your team a part of the goal planning process.
  • Understand why goals provide direction and define priorities.
  • Learn the importance of clarifying roles and responsibilities.
  • How to communicate and measure results.

Your Personal Leader's Compass

  • Be able to distinguish the difference between leadership and management.
  • Learn the importance of defining leadership.
  • Understand and learn the ten most important leadership principles.
  • Learn and use expectations of leaders.
  • Understand the four basic leadership styles.
  • Write and publish your personal leadership philosophy.


Allow 1-2 hours to complete the required readings and exercises from Day 1.

Day 2

Feedback: The Essential Communication Connection

  • Learn the systems approach to communication.
  • Have a clear understanding of the main causes of communication failures.
  • Learn techniques to avoid incomplete feedback.
  • Know the three triggers that block feedback.
  • Understand the importance of active listening and the brief-back technique.
  • Learn effective coaching feedback guidelines.
  • Understand how to solicit and give feedback using the Johari Window.

Creating a Motivational Climate

  • Understand why motivation is the key to success.
  • Review the theory and how to apply Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory, and the Four Emotional Drives.
  • Learn why goal setting is essential to creating a motivational climate.
  • Learn how to create a positive leadership climate.
  • Understand cross-generational motivational needs.

Leveraging the Power of Conflict

  • Understand how conflict can be managed and used for continuous leadership improvement.
  • Learn about five starting strategies in managing stress and conflict.
  • How to establish a win-win environment.
  • Learn six ways to prevent a conflict from recurring.


Allow 1-2 hours to complete the required readings and exercises from Day 2.

Day 3

Setting Leadership Priorities

  • Learn what your time is really worth.
  • Understand how to manage your time more effectively.
  • Learn the seven steps for maximizing time use.
  • Identify and effectively use high-payoff activities.
  • Learn how to prioritize your tasks with proactive planning.

Accountability: Building a Culture of Responsibility

  • Understand why the number one issue in business today is the lack of accountability.
  • Understand that accountability is a core foundation for achieving leadership effectiveness and excellence in execution performance.
  • Learn that maintaining a culture of accountability on a team begins with the leaders setting the example by keeping promises and commitments.
  • Understand how shifting from assigning blame to resolving to fix issues collectively is the first step in accountability.
  • Understand how creating an environment that constructively deals with mistakes and conflict head on is critical to creating a culture of accountability.
  • Learn the principles for developing a culture of accountability in yourself and your organization.

Coaching to Develop People

  • Learn the nine characteristics of effective coaches.
  • Be able to demonstrate the key behaviors for great coaching.
  • Learn how to conduct effective performance coaching.
  • Understand the differences between coaching and mentoring.
  • Learn the guidelines for gaining productive feedback during coaching.

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