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Who should attend

The High Impact Leadership Program has a diverse and qualified participant base, boasting a range of backgrounds and market experience. This global learning environment allows participants to learn from one another and encourages personal growth through interaction with like-minded professionals. Participants are encouraged to be open-minded, pragmatic and continually aspire to be inspiring.

About the course

Our High Impact Leadership Program encourages participants to unlock the potential in themselves and others. A hands-on insight into authentic leadership, this program teaches participants how to strategically utilise social media and personal development plans, while adopting a ‘Positive Psychology’ to inspire employees . Over three days, participants will be encouraged to challenge the way that management is viewed in the modern market and consider their own path to becoming the brightest leaders of tomorrow.

The program also works in conjunction with the IE Leadership Pack, which is designed to provide support to all organizational levels. The IE Leadership Pack provides a strong foundation on which participants can hone their management skills, holistic thinking and strategic vision.

Benefits of the program

  • Focus on participants’ development both as individuals and as team leaders.
  • Program leaders become mentors to participants, adapting the program to fit specific knowledge and experience.
  • Participants learn alongside other executives from a wide array of markets and cultures.


  • Recognize how power can be used effectively in complex organizations.
  • Experience leadership in a diverse environment with a global outlook.
  • Learn how best to communicate with employees at all organizational levels.
  • Become an authentic leader.

Siegfried Hoenle, Professor of High Impact Leadership, explains the importance of approaching leadership as an ever-evolving relationship. Inspiring your team requires awareness of your own strengths and weaknesses to provide authentic leadership that drives change and launches your organization into the future.

Program methodology

The High Impact Leadership Program takes a hands-on approach to effective leadership. Its methodology pushes participants to think outside-the-box and consider how best to strategically encourage employees while pushing market boundaries. Through a perfect blend of discussions, case-studies and teamwork, participants will gain a unique insight into modern-day leadership, inspiring them to be the transformational, authentic leaders of tomorrow.


Module 1: Leadership power and influence

  • Analyzing and diagnosing power dynamics in organizations.
  • Generating and implementing power successfully and ethically.
  • Developing an effective network: critical aspects.

Module 2: The leader as a coach &building social capital

  • Coaching methods and skills: observation, listening and feedback.
  • The cost and benefits of formal feedback.
  • How to use feedback to reach development and performance objectives.
  • Formal and informal networks.
  • Organizational Network Analysis.
  • Personal Networks.

Module 3: Positive psychology & leveraging strenghts

  • The happiness equation.
  • How positive emotions enhance performance.
  • Positive activities: finding Flow• Identifying yours and others’ signature strengths.
  • Making strengths grow, managing around weaknesses.
  • Casting teams based on strengths.

Module 4: Autentic leadership/ leadership is a relationship/ self leadership

  • Authenticity: showing character, not charisma.
  • Meaning: making people and goals feel significant.
  • Communication: the art of listing and of telling followers what they need to hear.
  • No leadership without followers.
  • Leadership is nonhierarchical.
  • How to build trust between leaders and followers.
  • Self awareness and self disclosure.
  • Leadership and personal change.
  • Crafting a personal development plan.


Siegfried Hoenle

Siegfried Hoenle is the Founding Partner of Talent & Leadership Solutions. He established the company in 2010, following an international twenty-year career in various corporate leadership roles at Credit Suisse and UBS. With Talent & Leadership Solutions he has been supporting executives...

Juan Carlos Pastor

Juan-Carlos Pastor is a professor of organizational behavior and the academic director of the Center for Global Leadership at IE. He teaches courses on Organizational Behavior, Leadership, coaching, and Managing People Skills. He earned an M.A. in Social Psychology from Clark University, a Ph.D....

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High Impact Leadership at IE Business School

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

Full disclaimer.

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